Dying light 2

Dying Light (part 2)

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Finished farming run and started game in earnest.

My system is a Nitro 5 with 8th gen I5 processor, 256 SSD, a GTX 1050Ti and 8 gigs of DDR4 ram. Video is recorded at 48fps with OBS onto a 2tb Seagate external drive at 1920×1080.

I am willyloman737 on STEAM and Peaches on DISCORD.


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  1. Those aren't Zombies those are your fans. Wait until the "real" gameplay starts , the night and day cycle gets good and scary at times. Lots of different types of zombies and during the tutorial most of Haran is still locked off by those huge barricades in the tunnels and elsewhere. Right now you are just facing the shamblers but the real fun awaits. Than the rooftops will be your friend but even than you are not safe because there are climbing ones.

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