Call of duty vanguard

How to play COD Vanguard on PC with a PS4 controller

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In this video, I teach you how to play Call of Duty Vanguard on PC using a PS4 controller. You will need to download winrar and DS4windows. Just follow the steps in the video and you should be able to do it too. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. Good video. I did all of that and my controller Pro Revolution still won't work with Vanguard or Warzone, do you have any idea why that would be?

  2. This is stupid, like almost every game you just plug it in, no Blizzard pedo's have to make everything hard for people.

  3. Thank u so much this worked and i can talk with friends in discord finally useing a controller when i used to plug it in i could not hear anyone in discord ima sub to u.

  4. thank you it works but when i try to click the touchbar for the leaderboard score whenever I'm in a game it doesn't work. anyone help?

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