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Metaverse games are EXPLODING | how to invest today

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Metaverse games have had a great year. Many tokens are up 10-100x, and now developers and major publishers are announcing plans to integrate NFTs into their games.

In this video I’m going to talk about why we’re just getting started. Specifically, I’ll discuss all the ways that players will benefit from the coming wave of crypto games, using practical examples from existing projects that are already out there (Axie Infinity, Illuvium, Wolf Game, Gala Games, Loot etc.).

I also talk about three main strategies for investing in this new ecosystem.

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0:00 start here
1:30 this industry is MASSIVE
2:01 however here’s the problem…
4:02 the biggest changes coming
6:10 NFTs are portable – important
8:17 two ways to make money while playing
10:09 owning the games themselves
10:50 how fast will this all change
11:20 investing strategy #1
12:17 investing strategy #2
12:40 investing strategy #3
13:24 what I look for


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  1. The thing with play to earn that worries me the most is the monetary incentive to cheat in games now. Before if you cheated you just did it to ruin peoples day or inflate your ego. With P2E there will be an influx of people trying to exploit the system as much as possible. Their either needs to be exceptional anti-cheating software, or make it illegal to cheat on P2E games in the same way that people are convicted for inside trading.

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here! Do you think that every game or at least company will use their own coin or will there be one big gaming coin which you can use for most games? In the latter case, which coin do you have in mind?

  3. As always. Great video man. You gotta check out HOUSE OF WARLORDS MAN. Its a 1/1 project nothing like u ever seen. Over 1000 hand-drawn traits and all can be transferred from one warlord to another. All properties are on-chain!

    I guarantee you should feature them in your next video! ?

  4. Have you checked out Goons of Balatroon? They have a P2E game launching in Q1 2022, really solid dev team and community and it has a good entry point for their NFTs. Plenty of other stuff going on too, staking this week and a lot more. Not part of the project just holding a couple. Would be interested in others views on it.

  5. Thanks Giancarlo, you make a videos about MIST, STAR ATLAS, and another one to Rewiew your last thoughts about GALA.

  6. I love your content, very too the point and tons of value- as someone just learning about the space, this got me really into the meta verse

  7. That fifa example has got me so pumped, hopefully I'll get a return from all the time I've put into building teams ???

  8. Great content… NFTS with utility are the way too go right now. NFTs are the place to be but for the most part I’m liking the gains from IMXs early projects joined the high roller Squatch club discord hopefully for big gains going forward. Can win NFTs all year long, should be cool!

  9. Wait I'm sorry but i I thought the whole point of NFTs were that you only own the token relating to the item not the item itself. Now we're claiming the opposite?

  10. 5:28 none of this needs NFTs though you can already do this with current gaming technology. in fact there are games that already do the things listed on this list

  11. 7:01 this feels like a headache for most companies to deal with. They now have to make sure that all cosmetics from all games work in their game? Seems like a waste

  12. Idk these NFT games are probably only going to be played by people who are already into cryptocurrency and NFTs. I don't see them pulling outside people into them. Especially when the main selling point is the interaction with NFT and most people probably don't have any knowledge of or even care to know about NFTs or how to sell them

  13. A single exploit could ruin the games economy entirely, seeing as the devs cannot go their way to punish the exploiters who now own an insane amount of in-game currency

  14. its cool you can make money but i like how you say in 20 years we'll look back at how we didn't really own much for what we bought…but if you pay for any of this and think you're "really owning" that's a joke…

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