The ULTIMATE Battlefield 2042 jet guide (loadouts, tips and tricks)

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Jets are some of the most powerful vehicles in Battlefield 2042, but most don’t know how to use them! In this video I’ll cover everything you need to dominate the skies.

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Battlefield 2042 marks the return to the iconic all-out warfare of the franchise. Adapt and overcome dynamically-changing battlegrounds with the help of your squad and a cutting-edge arsenal. With support for 128 players*, prepare for unprecedented scale on vast environments. Take on massive experiences, from updated multiplayer modes like Conquest and Breakthrough to the all-new Battlefield Hazard Zone.

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  1. I absolutely hate how the jets feel now. I hoped that in Portal it would feel like the original but it is botched so much 🙁
    My biggest problem tho is that for me switching guns in the customization does nothing.

  2. One thing I noticed is the cannons now have bloom or spread, this is annoying as fuck lmao
    I missed the pinpoint account BF3 and 4 jet cannons

  3. How do you free look? in the setting there is 4 buttons for free look, but dont seem to work? great vid also!

  4. SU-57 Felon isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer the F-35E Panther; it has VTOL capability, easier to kill helis in that mode, the Brt gun also belongs on a murican jet. When I’m russia I prefer the Super Hokum.

  5. I think I am still going to stick with battlefield V for flying …still feels horrible compared to other games

  6. After the first 2 Days i hate the jets in 2042. Now i dominate every Breakthrough-Server with these phenomenal airplanes. Jets are far more threatening for the enemy team, then a Attack Heli can ever be, because killing vehicles is more useful for the team then killing infantry based on the vehicle timer + there time to come back to the action.
    So every time i play on the ground and i see, my team stucks, i go in the jet, kill the enemy vehicles and my team start pushing better then before.
    Yesterday we did it to take the roof on Kaleidoscope (!) with great teamplay – big point of this -> the jet, killing the vehicles on the roof and keep the airspace free for our transport helis.
    No, Jets are not bad in this game, good pilots can turn a game.

  7. Still i'd like more loadout options for vehicles like in BF4. Would be great to par example equip 2 heatseekers AND 2 agm's at the price of slower reload of both. I mean IRL jets also can and will equip both types in most scenario's.

  8. Too many jets trying so hard to kill air vehicles, so I gave them a taste of their own medicine by using the Apache Warchief. Now they don't want to fly the jets anymore, always picking the Condor because it's an easy target.

  9. Silk I hope you read this,after update #3,where they promised to fix miniguns convergence for nightbird,they messed up nightbird and jet cannons,now they spread a lot,guided missiles also got buged after update #3,they will hit ground sometimes even if ground vic doesnt use smoke,please test that,jet accuracy got changed by accident probably,there was nothing about jet changes in patch #3,and nightbird convergence dint get fixed,just got worse.

  10. I think you have to set pitch up and pitch down inverted because you have inverted aircraft controls on doesn't happen for me and I dont use Inverted Aircraft controls. Doesn't really make sense though..

  11. Hey guys.
    After the last few updates, I recognize that Air to Ground missile (AGM) has huge delay for launching the missile after locking on target while the ground vehicle has no smoke and pop nothing…
    I’m the only one running through this issue?
    Is that a bug???

  12. You sit upright at a desk getting a lot of easy kills with your Mickey mouse at hand, while us console players sit on a nice comfortable reclining couch.

  13. Not sure if something changed since this video, but the Controller Tuning Settings broke my mouse aim/control, I had to reset them to default.

  14. Free look on console hold down on arrow on the D lad and use the right stick to look around. You have to hold down while looking around. Took me forever to figure it out

  15. So, can we agree, that Jets+AGm are only strong, because thermal smoke doesnt work properly? You still can fire it off, you will insta re-lock the target and fire the 2nd missile immediatly, which WILL hit. You also reload fast as fuck. That's just fkin broken. The only, THE ONLY ground vehicle you gotta be afraid of, are Infantry with a stinger.

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