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Top 10 Weapons to Level in Vanguard For Warzone Pacific Integration

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Taking a look the most important weapons to Level in Vanguard to be ready for the Warzone Integration.

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Top 10 Weapons to Level in Vanguard For Warzone Pacific Integration
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  1. Raven needs to do something to allow me to use akimbo pistols with auto tac sprint without having to not move forward

  2. Are we saying that all the old
    Guns will be in the new map or that the mew guns will be available in verdansk?? I thought verdansk was going to be old news?

  3. i'm anti grinding, will wait until theres a definitive meta before leveling a gun up. until then i'll play how i want to play, not how cod wants me to play

  4. Love the channel BUT, I wish you would do more stuff for rebirth island. There are So many players that will only play that. My gaming group left the big warzone for the island and we are never going back no matter what the warzone adds to the big maps. For us the island is simply put the pinnacle of the best BR gameplay in any br game to date. The island is the perfect size, 40 players is the perfect number, matches don't take forever, and there is NO BROKEN A** gulag! Never going back to anything else. Best BR formula ever created is Rebirth Island. For island players,,I think the double barrel akimbo build in Vanguard could be a interesting possibility.

  5. I want to see a vedio about "how to know your own best controler sensetivity according to your skill level" as you had said in Vangard settings vedio…. @jgod

  6. guys warzone stays on the mw engine… for example rebirth is staying and running on the warzone engine and when they add vanguard guns they have to add on rebirth too and theyre not going to switch from mw to vanguard engine on rebirth. Also stg and m1 garand are also sneak peaks of vanguard guns running on the mw engine already because you can use them in warzone

  7. I basically heard the following are worth levelling (Really narrowed down):
    NZ-41 (AMAX like)
    Automaton (M4A1 like)
    Volk (RAM like)

    PPSH (MAC10 like Fire rate)
    Tommy Gun (MP5 like with big mag)

    DP27 (Hire fire rate)
    MG42 (Straight replacement)

    (Don't Bother – Use Gallo/Street sweeper)

    Current Kar98k or Swiss

    (Don't bother)

    Machine Pistols (Maybe)

  8. Might be sleeping on the AS44 burst attachment. Incredible accuracy, very short burst delay and at least in vanguard one burst potential.

  9. I love the TTK and potential the DP27 has, but I just can't imagine it being feasible in Warzone with it's crazy long reload time

  10. When he says that you need to upgrade these guns, does he mean that you need to level up these guns in Warzone or in Vanguard?

  11. What is wrong with the type 11 mindgames camo can someone please tell me why there is no weighted stock?

  12. I love jgod but I gotta disagree with the bar I think with the right build the bar will destroy people in warzone.

  13. Am I the only one thinking when jgod makes a video for the weapon stats of the vanguard guns in warzone after release it will be his biggest video yet? Calling it now

  14. It says must purchase battle pass to earn this reward but on the same screen it says battle pass purchased.

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