Vanguard | Xbox Series S | 120hz | 120 fov | Gameplay | Hotel Royal | 1080p |

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Gameplay from Call Of Duty Vanguard, played on Xbox Series S in 1080p 120hz 120 field of view.

Map – Hotel Royal – Domination


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  1. Great content! You’re going to blow up soon man. Keep on the grind. Check out my channel I’m trying to get my name out there, maybe we can make some bangers together. ???

  2. This looks really good for the cheapest new console that’s awesome how far these things have come. I switched to PC after my PS4 got too loud and couldn’t keep up and now i have two setups one with a 2080Ti that i mainly game on. But this definitely competes with my 1660Ti rig and that thing was $700-800 before inflation compared to whatever the series S is going for that’s not too bad. Btw great vid man keep them coming i like to watch your videos for some reason it just seems like genuine no BS gameplay

  3. I heard a lot of freezing/crashing issues on Vanguard using Xbox Series S/X.. Have you experienced it lately? Just got a Xbox today and Im worried that it'll happen to me.

  4. I don’t get the option of 120hz in game and I have a Xbox series s and a 144hz monitor do you know how to fix it?

  5. Está bien el online ? Me compré el Battlefield 2042 y está rotissimo me lo quiero pillar pa jugar duelo x equipos me gustará? Tengo la Xbox series s

  6. Really conflicted on buying a Series S because of the storage issue, I know you can buy more storage but I am on a budget and would still like to play the previous cod titles with some friends.

  7. Hello? What editing software do you use to edit? Is it Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve? Or other editing software?

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