What 3528 Kills with the PP-29 looks like on Battlefield 2042

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After abusing the meta and the best gun in battlefield 2042 for the majority of the games, I somehow managed to amass 3500+ kills with the PP-29. I think that this will remain one of the best guns on battlefield 2042 despite getting nerved. These are all my best killstreaks both insane and long streaks.

Hopefully when assault rifles are fixed, I will be able to use other guns other than the PP-29 and add some more variety into these insane killstreaks.

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  1. Meanwhile that's nice but would you be interested in talking about the miracle of Johnny Sins?

    (Am I allowed to comment this? I don't think there is kids here… Is there?)

  2. Dude you have such a snapy aim haha it's fun to watch u play.

    How do you snap into those little pixels with 105 fov so clean? Dunno why but r6 aiming is way easier even with no aim assist at at lol. Dunno if it is just me or the game but I struggle to keep recoil on target and I could controll all guns in r6 lol.

  3. I feel like the maps are just too big, or at least space wasn’t used to it’s maximum capability. A lot of emptiness at times and I feel like I’m just running around.

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