Xbox Mystery? An odd object!

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What’s your favorite controller accessory? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. I know that he knew that it was a headset adapter before the video but that translucent green Xbox is beautiful

  2. Jesus the nostalgia…
    Spider-man, Lego star wars, Jet Set Radio Future? My childhood right there! Especially the green controller, still use that one to this day instead of the regular Xbox one

  3. I'm genuinely either seriously worried that these people are absolutely ignorant or I'm hoping that they know what it is and are just hoping to get clicks on a video.

  4. I know it was for Xbox live so you can play online with some headsets by plugging that attachment in and then you can plug in some headphones for the Xbox and then you can start playing online but except the headphones had a microphone so you can talk into it so that way you don't have to meet up with people or use any kind of chat you just use your voice by using voice chat

  5. It's no different from the Facebook ads showing someone playing a game horribly and missing an obvious solution to bait comments and engagement. This is engagement bait. This channel is quickly becoming just a showcase of all the engagement tricks of the trade that someone with social media in their job title use.

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