Battlefield 2042: 120+ Player Infected Zombies Portal Gameplay – Battle of the Bulge – (MP40 + 1911)

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Battlefield 2042 portal gameplay featuring the custom made “infection” game mode. Recorded and played on the “!! Infected !!” server on version 2.57. Other servers are also up that use the same settings. Put “Infected” into the portal filter to get results, such as “Infected-NA”. See below for a time stamp breakdown of the gameplay and an outline of the mode.

Highlights of the Match:
-Defending Bastogne’s Church against endless waves of zombies. Defense begins at 02:25 and lasts until 13:40.

-Crazy flying zombie at 13:26

-21 eliminations of zombies using an MP40 and an M1911 sidearm.

Gameplay Breakdown:
00:00 – Team Decides to Defend the Church
00:30 – Mad Rush to the Church Tower
01:01 – Player Jam in the Tower (May Want to Skip This)
02:25 – Church Defense Begins (Low Zombie Pressure)
05:21 – The Horde Grows (Medium Zombie Pressure)
08:05 – There’s too Many! (High Zombie Pressure)
10:25 – There Everywhere! (Very High Zombie Pressure)
11:01 – There On Top of Us! (Extreme Zombie Pressure)
11:33 – Burn them out!
12:40 – Last Stand Begins (Overwhelming Zombie Pressure)
13:50 – Infected Gameplay

General Description of the Mode: Players spawn with a random set of weapons and are given a short period of time to find a defensible position against the incoming zombie horde. After the time has expired, a few players are randomly selected to be the first “infected” players or zombies. Like all infected, these player have increased movement speed and by default are armed with a knife. As human or “soldier” players are eliminated, they join the “infected” side and aim to seek out and eliminate their former “soldier” friends.

Points to Consider:

-Soldier ammo recharges automatically at a slow rate.

-As a soldier eliminates zombies they begin to unlock gadgets, like Irish’s deployable cover or a motion sensor (see upper right corner HUD)

-Zombies most commonly spawn as the Sundance specialist and can use Sundance’s wingsuit (lots of flying zombies!). These zombies may deploy a spawn beacon and may also spawn with other items such as smoke grenades, or a hatchet in place of the standard knife.

-Zombies can spawn as two special classes by a low probability random chance:
Special Class 1: A zombie tank which is the Dozer specialist carrying a useable ballistic shield.
Special Class 2: A zombie leaper which is the Casper specialist armed with a grapple gun.

This game mode really had me on the edge of my seat and was a lot of fun to record! As always, thank you for watching and consider subscribing if you enjoyed the gameplay.

(Please keep in mind, the footage you are seeing was recorded at around 1 am EST on November 27th, server settings and gameplay mechanics may have changed after this date/time )

Video is original, recorded and edited for you by ProtoSun Gaming.

Quick Overview of PC Specs:
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz



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