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FabvL – Long Road Home (Arcane League of Legends Inspired Song)

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Riot games just dropped a show called Arcane inspired by League of Legends and it is LEGIT my favorite show of all time already so you know I had to make a song! This one is inspired by Jinx, If you guys show it lots of love I’ll do more Arcane songs in the future! If you enjoyed the song/video don’t forget to comment down below and leave a like! #Jinx #Arcane #LeagueOfLegends

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Video by Jeup_:
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD0JPLoPGHy1fGrjhufG2iQ
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jeup_/

Thumbnail Art by Third – https://twitter.com/thirdphp
Thumbnail Design – https://twitter.com/JayGDesign

Song Credits:
► Mix Engineer – FabvL
►Vocal Performance/Songwriting – FabvL
► Produced by – FabvL
► Mastered by – FabvL


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  1. Waited to watch the series first and damn, like always, you managed to write a song not about a character, but one that could have been written by the character. The lyrics, the tone, the beat, pacing-all of it makes me think Jinx wrote this as a way to deal with all the stuff she's gone through.

  2. Hm… you’re probably now my second favourite singer now… solid 9/10 for this song, not my favourite but it’s still good af

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