Call of duty vanguard

How to Play HardCore Modes in Call of Duty Vanguard (Fast Tutorial)

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How to play hardcore modes in call of duty vanguard. This is very easy to do. To play the hardcore modes, on the main multiplayer menu of vanguard, go to quick play and select the filter to the right. Then tab over from the core game modes then select hardcore modes. Then unselect the core modes and only select the hardcore modes. Then back out and select the quick play to start searching for a match. …


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  1. Bro I'm on the free weekend and I vsnt figure it out??? Her3s no little slider box thingy next to the game types.

  2. Is there some sort of level you have to reach for it?
    I see no options for blitz and all that nonsense for hardcore and it REPEATS PUTTING ME IN CORE. so Fing annoying.

  3. I know im getting old but i should be able to take a quick glance and figure it out. Not have to watch a video

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