Call of duty vanguard

The Good Version of Call of Duty: Vanguard

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This is a summary of the Call of Duty 19: Vanguard Story but if it was made with the budget of like 2 bananas. It features memes, jokes, about Arthur Kingsley, Lucas Riggs, Polina, and all the other amazing people. If ya enjoy, subscribe and like and share and all that good stuff.

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  1. Dude this video is so well made,keep doing this man I recently discovered your vids accidentally and I'm not regretting it.I subscribed man looking forward to more of your quality vids :3

  2. I like how in most media they show the nazis as polite people with good manners. Like aren't we supposed to hate those guys?

  3. Considering how COD has recently enjoy changing historical events and characters in order to sell their image of the US being good guys or to show off diversity always. I can't wait to see what events or characters exactly will be changed in the next games…

  4. From Ukraine? I don't think that's right
    Ukraine was formed when Russia did an oopsy and USA force Russia to make a new contrie
    And this happens 20 years after ww2

  5. holy shit this video is wonderful. keep doing what youre doing man. this is one of the very few videos that made me laugh and never failed to bored me. wish you best of luck <3

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