The Truth About PS5 in 2021

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PS5 One Year Later Full Review 2021!
The PS5 is one year old! Is it worth it, though? Best PS5 games to get after 1 year. Is the PS5 easier to get after 1 year? PS5 firmware updates after 1. All the PS5 firmware updates after 1 year. When is the PS5 VRR update coming?

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  1. You replaced your Roku Streaming for PS5 ? Why? PS5 Streaming apps doesn't support HDR OR DOLBY VISION, AppleTV, Disney Plus and other apps in the console so I don't understand why you downgraded your movie experience for just 4K

  2. ☝☝☝☝Hurry Contact the name above and purchase any dope ps3-ps5 at of 40% discount . And stand a chance of getting special gifts for the holidays ? ?

  3. ☝☝☝☝Hurry Contact the name above and purchase any dope ps3-ps5 at of 40% discount . And stand a chance of getting special gifts for the holidays ? ?

  4. Got it two weeks ago and loving all the games I got during black Friday, Rachel and clank $50, deathloop $10, rainbow 6 siege $10, and some others for around $10-$30

  5. Call of duty vanguard adaptive trigger is helpful because you just need to press little bit you L2 and L2 consider working already

  6. 플스5 나온지 1년이 지났지만 아직도 한국에서는 정가 628000원이 아닌 80만원에 되팔이들이 많아요 언제쯤 이마트 혹은 홈플러스에서 편하게 구매 가능 할까요?

  7. Lol to turn the system off you don't need to go all the way to the right. An update allows you to rearrange those icons. I moved the power off to be the 1st one in the list.

  8. Not 1 scratch on my ps5 that i got early last February, i must be doing good. Also honestly my Duelsense battery lasts longer being used than all my Duelshocks just sitting there on, i have really been noticing this recently. And personally i never seen any screen tearing at all in AC Valhalla on ps5 idk mabe i have been lucky. This system runs super super quiet and very cool in the right spot, Ps5 is the best consol ive ever owned and ive been around since the commodore 64 and atari era

  9. says right in the Manuel to make sure there is air flow all around the pS5 your not supposed to stuff it in a cabinet with little to no air flow.!

  10. Ps5 is the most successful console launch with the best launch year of games ever. Soo yeah. I think Ps5 is pretty damn good

  11. so its still a newborn baby.. yup.. This generation due to the crap going on in the world is going to LAST longer than the last one so dont expect things to move fast

  12. When you took apart the PS5 where was the second fan that doesn't exist. You said there is 2 fans and you personally took the PS5 apart and know that there is only one. Get your facts rite.

  13. Nope…not just a you thing….i do vertically only, everytime i use a disk I put it in upside down. Definitely not natural.

  14. MY opinion about PS5, just crazy to got one, great games like RETURNAL definitively good. Just got an OLED it's crazy to run games on it, truly new experiences with this TV, just waiting to have so games in native 4K 60 fps and more !!

  15. Well as I heard you have said twice that you put your consoles in an cabinet where you close the door. Your not supposed to do that and that's why your consoles are overheating because they're not getting adequate air flowing ventilation. Next time you play your consoles keep the doors open and your consoles will not overheat. Just a nice fact not being a smart-ass.

  16. I have my ps5 vertical and I still can't get used to the art on the disk being on the left side when inserting. I feel like I have to be left handed for it to feel normal.

  17. It really seems that return on is a great game that Arkansas generations from the day that will pass to play back in those days but then get a lot of money right now sadly that is super weak for that game and probably deserve to be much more having people play it

  18. I really don’t understand the complaining about the PlayStation 5, sure it’s huge but so are computer towers and nobody complains about them. The Xbox series X is smaller but it’s also fatter which allows it to be shorter. Having both personally I love the look of the PS5 much more as the series X it’s just kind of bland.

  19. I just got mine a couple weeks ago, but mine barely fits next to my tv on top of my entertainment center. It looks way better vertical though, whereas all the other PlayStations looked better horizontal

  20. Thank you dude! Days Gone is one of my favorite games of all time. I'm actually currently writing my final esaay on a critical analysis of Deacon St. John as a character. It's sad to see all of these articles from the release missing plot points and ragging on game, I understand some of their gripes, but I persnally think a lot of them just jumped on the hate bandwagon. I'm super sad to see the game not getting a sequel. But never say never! I think if fans keep pushing Sony could revisit and approve a sequel. There's actually a petition for Days Gone 2. If you wanna see a sequel you should look into it.

  21. I returned mine last week because it was the day 1 model and I’ve had it for over 9 months and there have been so many issues, i get my new model in 2 days

  22. Had so many chances to buy it throughout the year but I've been laying off due to all the bugs and hardware problems, finally decided to get one a few days ago and so far I've only had one single problem, left the console in rest mode for about 12 hours, turned it back on and it was just a grey screen, but a quick unplug of the HDMI cable was all it took to fix it, honestly probably wasn't even rest mode causing the problem despite the amount of problems it caused at launch, my guess is it was just loose or something.

  23. Fuck Sony!!! It's all about SEGA Who needs Sony?? SEGA forever baby!!! SEGA forever!!! SEGA>>>>>Sony!!!

  24. I think it has to be pointed about that even if Sony adds VRR it still won’t work on most 1440p monitors as it will only supports VRR through HDMI 2.1

  25. Wanting a controller to work perfectly for your gaming style straight out of the box is ridiculous. Settings are there for a reason. What if I don't play a game that needs light bars.

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