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VANGUARD: How To Cut Your WEAPON XP GRIND IN HALF… (Vanguard Fastest Weapon Leveling Guide)

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Probably the most tedious part of Call of Duty Vanguard is the weapon leveling. Weapon leveling in Vanguard takes the longest out of any weapon grind we’ve seen in the last few years and while we thought we’ve cracked the code before, right after launch… Turns out Vanguard has a few secrets on better ways to rank up your weapons fast… And you can do so in just about HALF the time as it takes to rank up normal weapons in multiplayer. Today we’re going to talk about the fastest way(s) to rank up whatever weapon you so choose to do in Vanguard’s multiplayer, especially as of right now when double weapon XP is active across the board so you’re not missing out on any chance of getting things done as quickly as possible. This method is a bit tedious however… It cuts the overall time in about half which is actually kind of insane to consider. As we go along, feel free to let me know your thoughts on this method to cut your weapon XP grind in half, have you tried it out? Will you be? Whatever the case, drop your thoughts below. As well, stick around on the channel for more Vanguard guides and all coverage as we gear up toward the launch of Season 1 of Call of Duty Vanguard and the coming Warzone integration to follow. Until then, this is VANGUARD: How To Cut Your WEAPON XP GRIND IN HALF… (Vanguard Fastest Weapon Leveling Guide)

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  1. even though it’s loads easier to do this in zombies, I’d say it’s better to get about halfway ish or whenever you unlock Surplus for the weapon.. it is roughly around lvl 30ish & it increases the xp you get. You rank up a hit faster overall & the weapon xp for kills & eliminations you get helps rank the weapon up faster as well as you get extra operator xp on top of the double operator xp you get from the xp weekend

    If you’re really in a rush to get operators done fast as possible do Champion Hill

  2. Zombies is more relaxing and you can use bad guns. Trying to use a lv1 gracey auto on multiplayer is a awful idea ?

  3. What is the second drop off point? B/c I'm wondering if its worth sticking into the second level especially if you're in harvest for the first room.

  4. I have two issues with Vanguard. First of all I own the game, but it's two steps back in mechanics and graphics from the greatest MW2019. Second I don't like any of the weapons in Vanguard, they are just not good looking and too much recoil, you can't see what you are shooting at. Why then should I upgrade weapons that I don't enjoy using. Exception could be for the snipers my favorite in all COD games. I don't know what to do I just enjoy playing MW and CW for now.

  5. Maybe they knew zombies wasn't that good, and made the gun leveling up method to make up for it(as a use for zombies other than cameos)

  6. I’ve maxed 12 weapons this weekend from the zombies XP method & espresso is 100% right. It helps to watch a movie or put on some music etc because this will drain your energy after a while lol

  7. Is weapon xp bugged? Or is there a cap on weapon xp per game? I will play games of shipment/Das Haus and get 100+ kills and i'll notice in game i'll unlock attachments. After the game finishes i'll level up to a certain level and then when i got to my create-a-class i'll check and i'm 1-2 levels below what it showed it was leveled up to?

  8. You have to do this method about 92 times. It took me 3h 47min when the double XP weekend is on. It's a little bit grindy but it gets the job done.

  9. I am curious if anyone is having a issue with weapon xp from mystery box weapons??? I played until round 20 I started with a shotgun an changed out for a pistol in round 3. I only used the pistol for the rest of the game an for some reason my pistol is still level 1

  10. Keep in mind, player XP was buffed on the transmit objective! So if you want weapon & player XP on this strat, run the transmit. ? Solid Video!

  11. Am I the only one who thinks it's crazy trying to 100% stuff this early? I'm preparing for CONTENT DRAUGHT lol so I'm taking my time..

  12. As much as I'd love to do that leveling strategy, I'm just going for the zombies mastery camo, even though it pales in comparison to CW's Dark Aether, and since you need to get so many kills and PaP kills, by the time I get them, my gun level will be high enough, and I'd need to do other camo challenges, which obviously means I'm getting kills with the weapon I'm using, leveling it up. If I need to use this strategy as a last resort, obviously will, but I'll just muscle-memory the heck out of it and just binge watch shows and videos.

  13. I just realized as I played, if you pay close attention to the building, doesn't the wooden one you get teleported into sometimes look a lot, and I mean a lot, like Nacht? Look outside, and inside. It looks so similar to me. Obviously different, but still similar.

  14. Are you a serious? Nobody should be killing only 35 zombies and quitting. That’s dumb af. You mind as well play until round 7 and exfil. Still get enough xp

  15. The Itra Burst is the most tedious gun to level up, thankfully the rinse repeat zombies method saved my sanity

  16. The 35 zombies has been changed to 50 but apparently you can earn upto 4k xp buy doing 2 blitz and killing the zombies between rounds

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