Call of duty vanguard


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On this installment of Cursed Gun Images, we look at the new Call of Duty Vangurd. And let me tell you, it’s pretty cursed… Thanks …


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    (PS – Sorry for the re-upload guys. YouTube monetized us, and then demonetized us in the first minute of posting so we tried again. Fingers crossed this time!)

  2. This is so bad it's depressing. How can people be so stupid and incompetent. Is there anything in the story of the game to explain the…fuckupery?

    I have to add to my sadness at the stupidity of humans. I can not understand how they could do such an awful job. And how can anyone be defending this?

    Where did the well done models come from?

  3. I played vanguard for about 20 minutes and deleted it. It's a remake of a remake of a remake. Taking the unrealistic firearms out of the equation, they have had this in development for several years and still fuck it up

  4. I'd just like to point out that 1911 was an actual 1911 and not the 1911A1. that's not a WWll firearm it's a WWl firearm.

  5. I'm glad call of duty is going back to its roots and doing ww2 again, glad they did research on ww2 weaponry and tech, but the extra weapon attachments is too much and looks they are trying to make navy seal special forces guns, special forces in ww2 used the same guns as the Infantry and Marine Corps, congrats to call of duty and please lose the attachments, the guns as great as they are, I still love call of duty?

  6. Lol this game looks like dirt to massacre of the M1 and the B.A.R but even though it was used as a light machine gun I think it fell short in that role and the M 1919 air cooled was the light machine gun for that ear and it was referred as the automatic rifle which was used as that light machine gun roll m 1918 was really dated buy the time ww2 came about and it was what they had so light Machine gun the marine Corps did modify a 1919 though to make it more mobile if they where going to be not accurate should Add the colt Monitor

  7. Got my like as soon as he said, "It's a reskin… and it's not good!!!". Totally true, bring back the BO2 and MW originals.

  8. Great vid.

    And since you touched upon guns in games, I'm interested what do you, as a firearms expert, think about firearms in game called Overwatch.

  9. I feel that Vanguard has spit in the face of gun history. I have not bought a call of duty since modern warfare 2. Call of duty is just grasping at straws now. It’s ok faze out. Stop teaching kids that this ridiculous bs is even useable. Teach the youth the real history so they can evolve. Not feed them garbage that doesn’t make sense.

  10. I know bf1 has the char 2c which was infact only made 3 years after ww1 but it was the only tank that was ginormous and had the closest ww1 technology so I forgive them

  11. 8:30 because ppl prioritise fun over realism, like you said its not suppose to be historically acurate like cod ww2 was supposed to be, the game is bad, but its not because of the unrealistic guns…

  12. Bro PEOPLE love red dots , that's why they are in the game. if the fucking game was 100 percent accurate it wouldn't be call of duty or even semi fun for COD fans.

  13. It’s a game where you can get killed over and over and keep coming back alive. You can get shot an infinite number of times as long as you get away before all you life is used up. Realism has never been a factor in any call of duty game.

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