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HUGE Call of Duty Vanguard Update Next week!

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Next week there is a huge update coming to call of duty vanguard with some major improvements fixing the spawns on the map shipment as well as some other major bug fixes.

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  1. Haven't got Vanguard yet. But delighted that the Owen SMG finally makes an appearance in a WWII shooter. Hope it's good.

  2. I am personally having fun on Vanguard. I told myself Ill wait for a sale and went back to WWII. Then it went on sale quickly and I grabbed it. In lots of my games there's just some people who just want to run full speed around the map are upset when they get killed because people occasionally use cover and try to stay alive. Theres a difference between camping and having a tactical battle with opponents. Guys shooting at each other from their own cover can get pretty tense. I'm just not a fan of people complaining on anything except dome and shipment about how there's "campers". I tried to tell my teammates they arent camping..just trying to stay alive. Camping is sitting against a wall with 2 bouncing Betty's at each doorway and an LMG with 150 rounds pre aimed at the door.

  3. Someone please tell me what’s happening, i bought cod vanguard on ps5 and it just has an infinite update that never fully downloads someone help

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