It's time for an Xbox Smash Brothers – Poorly Thought Out

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There is no question about it, Xbox has accumulated and created a ton of amazing characters and IP over the last 20 years. So as we pass the anniversary, many fans (including Eric Freshley) have been dying to see them bring them all together in one giant crossover brawler, like Super Smash Bros.

00:00:00 Intro
00:07:47 First-Party A-list Franchises
00:29:30 First-Party Weirdos & Long Shots
00:33:33 First-Party Stages & Music
00:37:16 Third-Party Guests
00:54:39 XBLA Classics
00:56:19 Game Pass Connections
01:00:41 Upcoming IPs to keep an eye on
01:03:39 Closing Thoughts & Wrap-Up

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  1. Great video but I would put the more serious characters like master chief n fenix into new seasons of killer instinct… The more light hearted characters (which there's plenty of) in a powerstone type game sounds great

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