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League of Legends isn't JUST a MOBA anymore

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League of Legends: Arcane “Enemy” orchestral cover done by @Samuel Kim Music: https://youtu.be/4b78xc2YeXA

Viego art done by the excellent @FootballHead
Aurelion Sol art at 7:33 done by: https://twitter.com/NE0Nbandit

This is probably the longest and most passionate video I ever have and probably ever will make. League has been such an important part of my life, and I would absolutely hate to see everything Riot has built thrown down the drain. League isn’t just a MOBA anymore, it’s so much more.

EXTRA special thanks to @yakkocmn for his bigass collab section as well as a HUGE thanks to all my fellow content creators for collaborating with me and making this video possible.

In Order of Appearance:
@Outside Joke
@Jellyfish Rave
@Darkk Mane
@Keegan – KBVTV
@T B Skyen
@Maizy Marzipan
@Frost Prime

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  1. This video made me sad. Been playing since 2013-14, but I stopped around 2018…1017?. I've seen this game on its golden days, and to see it in this state.. its genuinely sad

  2. Thats so fcking sad, fun and interesting at the same time.

    "The worst part about league of legends universe is league of legends"

  3. Never have I seen a game actually become more popular and loved by something it did that had nothing to do with the game

  4. Tbh i did also not find Pyke in the sentinel event good until i did watch The Ruined King where Pyke really did get an evolution and the end was okay with him.

  5. everytime i see Kai'sa, its just so powerfull the hate i feel to her, everything on her is hatefull, how she was made, how she's marked on the skins and how overpower her set is, i just want to play assassins and fucking destroy it. but, she's so op hit her moveset.

  6. You're the first person i've seen that is acting like Arcane is an expansion of the LoL Lore and not 'it's own universe' or 'not related to the "canon" lore'. Arcane does indeed retcon some stuff but mostly needless or uninteresting stuff like Victors whole back story. He went from 'boohoo my old master took my idea for a robot' to 'Co-inventor of Hextech combining his own desperation and mentorship from Singed to turn himself into a machine by combining his own blood with Hextech'… Which of these is a more compelling character? The whiny baby my master is a d-bag? or the Bad*ss self righteous down trotten man who had nowhere else to turn but to Hextech to save his life?

  7. In the last 5 mins i cried because i am so sure that someday after idk 10 years or even more i’ll be explaining the lore of these champs to the new gen even to my kids bru bc i know i am not the only one that has that deep love to league we all know that we hate league but it’s that type of toxic love when u hate sth but u never let anybody talk shit about it

  8. Funnily enough I only played the game recently for the lore, voice lines (fiddlesticks man) ,and general cinematic universe and splash art of dudes like baum

    I don’t like the “sexy” I like characters with story, I like Olaf for his lore, I like Baum for his lore and how well his design fits it, I like ornn and trundle for their splash art and lore

    The only one that got me for gameplay is the Egyptian bird dude

    Maoki started it all but yeah you ain’t wrong the gameplay is conplicated

  9. honest, heroes of the storm is/was amazing at showing how amazing and badass some characters really are
    Just look at Deathwing, a titanic dragon, that is really big even in game, that has its own pressure without being flawless and being kinda balanced
    Tychus calls a fucking giant robot
    and with some characters in lol, they could learn with what heroes left behind.

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