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  1. @CloudPlays maybe u could invite Mr. TomTomTv, NickTew or Fan boy DPJ for another podcast. Would be great to hear what they want to say about game 😀

  2. I love your guys's videos keeps me up-to-date and if something I missed, if I don't already know about it. Thanks for all your efforts of doing these videos for the outrider fans.

  3. Cloud I hope you read this man. I stopped playing this game a LONG time ago and I even deleted it from my hard-drive. I trashed this game and I was so upset about it because I couldn't survive at all. When they announced the new update I sayed, ok I may download it again and see if they made some changes to help the game. I seen your video about a week ago the devastator build you did. I did my best to copy that build but I didn't have all the mods and so on. I made the build and I FINALLY completed tier 15 all by myself. I could NEVER EVER do that when the game came out because I felt week and got put sown way too fast. Now I have perfected that build and I"m creating different builds and my brain is saying OH WOW WAIT I CAN DO THIS AND ADD THIS AND DO THIS. My brain is haywire because I have stopped playing all my favorite games because I can't get enough of playing this game. Thank You sir for being an inspiration and loving the game like me and others as well. I don't care what people thing when they read this, I'm not sucking up and being a fan boy. I'm simply Thanking you sir for helping me to finally enjoy and absolutely love playing this game. This is coming from a die hard fan of Destiny 2, Division 2 and Gears 5. I gave up all those games because my addiction to this game goes far beyond those big hitters. Thank You sir

  4. I respect @Born2Game tbh 1 he don't suck on game companies cocks if he thinks a games shit he will say it unlike most youtubers lol there sell you a game even when they know it a pile of dog shit just to get codes for free product lmao I've never seen him advertise any product on his channel he just tells it how it is how it should be and his rants are funny as fuck ??

  5. You dudes are very WRONG for saying that pcf, should've charged money for this update…DUE TO THEM LAUCHING THIS HALF ASS DONE GAME, which I payed $64.49 for…so they did right by us, by NOT CHARGING ANY MONEY FOR SOMETHING, THAT SHOULDVE BEEN DONE PERIOD!!!…AND WHAT ME AND MY FRIENDS WANT, IS A OFFLINE MODE, SO IF PCF SERVERS GO DOWN, WE ALL CAN AT LEAST STILL PLAY THIS GAME!!!!

  6. I'd love to see moxsy on your channel!! I watch his BL3 videos and I think you would both have some good conversation! And might entice some Borderlands players to try Outriders!

  7. @Cloud Plays, I really enjoy you and the "Full Measure"! I enjoy the optimism & positivity as well as hopefulness towards Outriders! I'm currently not a content creator but I'm a passionate gamer and Outriders fan! I'd personally like to be/get involved Cloud. Thank you for all that you been doing cheers mate.

  8. To so there is a bug right now that isn't letting me change my skills at all. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue but if so this needs to be fixed. Please tell archon

  9. @cloud plays, I recently noticed w/ my Trickster I get the red flash on the char select screen that used to mean a damage mitigation issue. It seems to be back and it only happens w/ my Trickster, could you raise awareness of this to PCF? I’m enjoying the game again but this is making me not want to play my Trickster.

  10. Great content with you two!. Personally I'd like to see them do somthing with legendary sets like the cannon ball set and either make it a 2 pc set bonus or a 3 pc with a sidearm and have basic set bonus but have the gear roll with random stats. There are a ton of options with it as far as build diversity and the option to make sidearms slightly viable…. what if a set for instance being a techno pulled out a sidearm and shot their own team mate and it gave them health regen or health in general… or a devastator used it for agro… just ideas. Nonetheless great content ? ? ?

  11. For me these are the most influencal content creators/streamers on outriders:
    -The Full Measure
    -Playdohbear (and his group capo)

    Put them all in one big podcast ? (and count on a 3 hour stream if playdoh gets loose)

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