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Warzone Pacific Event WORST EVER In Call of Duty?

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Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman were left stunned after playing the Secrets of the Pacific Warzone event for hours…only to finally finish the event and realize the reward was just 6 worthless in-game postcards.

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The Secrets of the Pacific Warzone event will go down as the worst special event in the games history, at one point even being completely disabled by the developer because it was causing widespread crashing issues. But if you somehow did manage to finish the event like Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman did…it might actually have been even worse…when you realized you had played at least 6 boring games where you couldn’t risk engaging any enemies…all fo r6 stupid postcards.

Timthetatman simply put his head in hands after realizing that was all there was…telling Dr Disrespect he couldn’t believe he just did this whole thing for postcards. The Doc said he could have just gone on twitter and seen the postcards and not played this boring version of Warzone for over 3 hours, and Tim said it was unacceptable, and that it was the kind of thing devs couldn’t even get away with back on the N64…and that he couldn’t believe they didn’t even show them a real look at the Caldera map.

TimTheTatman then quit his stream, and Dr Disrespect immediately swapped over to Halo Infinite for the rest of the day, which seems to be an alarmingly common occurrence for Warzone lately. So will Halo Infinite keep snatching away the big streamers and big views, and was the Secrets of the Pacific event the nail in Warzone’s coffin? We will find out when the new Warzone Caldera map drops in a few days.

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  1. you ever complain to a drug dealer that their dope sucks and expect better from them, especially since they make soo much money?, no you stop buying their crap and find a new plug. How much longer you guys gonna keep buying/smoking this skank(COD)?! Yall smoked yourselves into delusion.

  2. I don't understand why the FCK they force people to play BR only during the event. It's been multiple events which did this in a row already. Playing BR again and again and again sucks. It's boring! And if you want to spice it up with some plunder, you can't. You can't collect the stuff in plunder. Why?

    Also, the whole idea of you having to play in a regiment for the Vanguard part, WTF is with that? That's bullshit. Not only being in a regiment, you even have to play with some other players from the regiment. I'm a casual player. I don't have time to play the game 24/7 and just wait whenever someone from the regiment jumps online.

  3. Yea it fell a bit short compared to previous events. Likely partly due to many of the legal issues the game developer is facing as they should be.

  4. These creators need to grow a pair and stop playing Warzone if they’re unhappy with it, but they don’t want to lose the Call of Duty Andy’s.

    Why would Activision do anything to spice the game up if they don’t need to?

  5. Till Activision steps up their game and have a anti-cheat like VAC, it can't ever be an Esport. I love COD but with the blatant cheaters in it, you just can't trust the players/streamers in the game. And don't say all streamers are legit because Diaz Biffle aimbots, Aydan Wallhacks for sure and Zlaner Wallhacks and uses Aimbot or Cronus. 3 streamers i just named blatantly cheats, the problem is without an Anti-cheat, these scum bags just get away with frauding the viewers and ruin the tournament.

  6. It's about the money for sure. Backlash doesn't matter one damn bit because of that 4 million a quarter. Why push harder and do better when the revenue keeps flowing in?

  7. Cod is trash. Events has been worst past 3 seasons i have ever seen at any game. S5/6 have been so full of hackers that the game has lost all the casuals and is totally non playable. Every patch brakes more it fixes. Fortnite skins ? , godmode glitches , broken guns. POI's are boring , same map 2 years. Sweaty lobbies only where you cant just relax abd play like it was on S1/2 and maybe still on s3 cause casuals have quitted because of hackers and broken game.

  8. Look what's happening at avctivisoin with the big wigs, then ask why it's going down hill. There's no surprise they don't care about the players only the ammount off money they can make

  9. Naaah I'm done can't even play the game no more shit ?️ they ruined it?….time to find something else to play ??‍♂️

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