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We Are Still Getting Big Reveals This Year (New Star Wars Game, Hogwarts Legacy & More)

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New Star Wars Game & Hogwarts Legacy At Game Awards 2021, just like Horizon Forbidden West?
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  1. Really want a new shadow of war game, need more nemesis system. Any game that has a “similar” system is terrible comparatively

  2. PS1: Fairly primitive but with endless classic games.
    PS2: Primitive by today's standards, but has endless classic games.
    PS3: Still good-ish, technically speaking, and it has endless classic games.
    PS4: Getting older but still has a lot of good games, if not that many classic ones.
    PS5: Shit. You can't buy a console and there's nothing to good to play on it.

    This current generation is the worst I've experienced since I started playing back in 1984. Seriously, what is this shit???
    Not a single good game for Christmas. The number ONE most important time of the year for games! Unbelievable.

  3. after playing Detroit, i have a lot of faith in QD making a great star wars game, i love the way they make games

  4. HL is gonna be a great game, wanna get it. ^^


    I'm prioritizing GOWR. So the sooner pre-order's drop the sooner I can secure my copy of GOWR and then I can turn my full attention to HL.

    Come on Santa Monica Studio, don't miss out on the 2021 Holiday Shopping Season. There's still time to drop pre-order's for this year.

  5. All I really want are Hogwarts Legacy and Horizon, everything else is meh (tho I wouldnt mind any Valhalla announcements). I just wanna see more of both games and they cant come soon enough

  6. New game announcements are always cool but I actually would be more satisfied with my gameplay and release dates for games we already know about and don't have like God of War, Gotham Knights, Forspoken, and FF16.

  7. Game awards don’t always just have big games, they have quite a lot of small stuff as well thru out the show. With that the promise of next gen stuff I hope there is a lot of it.

  8. As Copeland said in days gone don't believe the lies ? I have no expectations for any every year I watch it live n feel I waisted my time waking up early for trash I reckon no real big sony games will be shown n sony will do a state of play 2weeks after or a week after the game awards ? but that's my opinion n ill probably end up annoyed

  9. I wish Demon's Souls Remake 2020 and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League were available for PS4 as one of the Last Previous-Generation-Console Games. Just one more chance with the PlayStation 4 for those, like me, who don't yet have a PlayStation 5 Console of their own

  10. Everyone wants hogwarts i want it too and more cool game reveals, like the new bioshock. Or some gameplay for the new hellblade.

  11. 2022 and 2023 is going to be huge for gaming. The amount of titles that we are going to be able to play. Not to mention the games we don’t even know about that will be releasing. Can’t wait.

  12. The only game we sony fans care about is Horizon Forbidden West and God Of War Ragnarok……..
    What about the Xbox game Scorn?

  13. I can see Ubisoft poking at that splinter cell game or assassins creed for sure or we get to see what watch dogs is doing

  14. Just Still Wanting Massive Entertainment Openworld 3RD Person Star Wars iP.
    And other Stars wars iP High republic? Not So Sure about setting of that Era but of which was ment to be Openworld iP Also.
    I'd prefer Both New iP's to be
    Open world & 3RD Person.

  15. Don't know what happened to Beyond good and evil 2 Was looking forward to that but that's taken A Long Long time and not happy with Lack of NEWS from games.

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