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A Major Game Reveal Teased Online And A Big Game Leaks Again | News Wave

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In a few weeks The Game Awards will take place bringing with it a bunch of big time game reveals and one has now been teased online as being years in the making. Capcom has been hard at work on several remakes, and now it looks like one has leaked out early.

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00:00 – Start

00:45 – N64 Attachment Announced For Polymega

2:08 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tops UK Sales Chart

3:37 – 13 Sentinels Coming To Switch Next Year

4:25 – Zelda Ocarina Of Time N64 Fully Decompiled

7:20 – Geoff Keighley Hypes Up Game Awards Announcement

9:51 – RE 4 Remake Concept Art Leaked

12:10 – PlayStation Patent Shows Cell Phone Controller

14:35 – Poll

15:26 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. Now if we can just get the rest of the vanillaware games onto the switch I'll be really happy. Dragon's crown, marimasa the demon blade, Odin sphere. Every single one of those games needs to get onto the switch.
    They should have been on there years ago how. Vanillaware and the switch are match made in heaven.
    Now that the Vita is officially done done all those should be moved over now. And heck let's get a princess crown over there too.

  2. In halo inifinte my exp is different. People sweating in casual modes. Hyper leveling with bot matches. People in every match with 20 dollar skins. Press Lt twice to win

  3. Black Friday sales in the UK? I thought that was a uniquely US thing. Hey Brits, do you guys have black friday in the UK? And why does Mario Golf Super Rush suck so bad?

  4. What idiot would pay that much for that fake n64 console? Just buy an old wii, or ps2 or whatever and use an n64 emulator on it. Or pay zero dollars and use an emulator on pc.

  5. Wassup Jon(SW).

    The N64 Attachment on the Polymega is awesome too see.

    MK8D is a Selling Beast lol, nice seeing Guardians of the Galaxy doing well on the UK Charts aswell.

    13 Sentinels coming too the Switch is really cool too see happen.

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time being Decompiled is exciting stuff.

    I am looking forward too the Game Awards but it's hit or miss when it comes too Games being Announced.

    Capcom has too get RE4: Remake right, I am intrigued too see how it turns out Overall whenever it does Release.

    The PlayStation Mobile Phone Controller Attachment is looking pretty neat and a TechWave is always cool too see what it is like.

    Nice Poll, I'm not expecting anything big from Nintendo but if BotW2 and or MP4 gets Shown during the Game Awards, that'll be big News.

    Good Comment, they do need too get the Experience Points right with the Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

  6. Man, I really hope that we’ll see the rumored Chrono Cross Remake and Silksong? Perhaps? Please? xD

    Omg, I loathe exp in 1st person shooters. You don’t need a reward or an incentive to play the game. Your incentive and reward is having fun playing the game and getting good at it.
    We had loads of fun with shooters like UT and we didn’t need exp for that.

  7. Might be a hot take, but if RE4 remake plays more like RE2 remake, it would be really cool
    We could have a more traditional survival horror RE, and the original action RE4
    Imo it would be cool to see, what do you think?

  8. Don't care about the attachments. But there's plenty of room to improve mobile support including: game offerings, maybe adding the ability to play vita and psp games on the phone via ps plus or psn, backward compatibility, emulation support, improving DS4 support, and so many other features.

  9. Capcom will have my attention when they finally decide to fire back up MML3.
    I'm still salty that they basically dumped the project JUST before releasing a demo that would have been used to gauge interest.
    Instead they cited the lack of fan interaction on their site for the game as being too little. Like…most people don't really want to be that involved. Either through disinterest or lack of confidence in their ability to contribute. I'd be willing to bet the amount of people who just wanted to play the game dwarfed the people actively engaging on the site.

  10. Lookin' mighty "Captain America" today, my man. Let us know when you finally succeed in being able to rip a horse in half 😀

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