Battlefield 2042 – 10 Minutes of Navin Rao Gameplay on Hourglass (PC)

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Battlefield 2042 No-Pat Profile, Navin Rao is a Cyber Warfare expert originating from the Indian Armed Forces. After taking part in a disastrous mission that resulted in heavy casualties, Rao reached out to his No-Pat contacts and decided to put his talents as a Recon soldier to use in their cause. Here are 10 Minutes of Navin Rao Gameplay on Hourglass.

Recorded by SSJGoku80 on a Dell G5 PC.

10 Minutes of Irish Gameplay –
10 Minutes of Flack Gameplay –


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  1. played him to mastery but only with Soflam… should get exp when hacking something. Kind of unrewarding this way

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