Battlefield 2042's Launch Disaster Is Unsustainable

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DICE and EA can’t afford more rough Battlefield launches
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  1. I feel the exact same way that you do about Battlefield – I would tough out the bugs and whatever if it ran better.
    I have a 6 core i5 and a 3060… I shouldn't be having performance issues.
    Refunded and waiting for it to get fixed and go on sale.
    I love BFV even without the content it should have had.

  2. Damn, playing 2042 made me realize that BFV wasnt too bad, its got a lot of game mechanics which were awesome, and made me feel like im in a war despite the few ppl using elite skins.

    But 2042 feels like that they taken only the elites idea from the previous games and added a shitton of crappy ideas and random bulshittery

  3. So while not a first time BF player, I stopped playing around B4 so I've been out of the "game" for a little bit.

    I do think the launch was horrible, on top of some bad marketing/sales tactics on the console side (they split the console versions, which is understandable, but the naming conventions made it difficult to know which version of BF you were buying, especially if playing on the top generation console (xbox series X or PS5 Pro)

    I have a fun in the matches, but the launch week was horrible where the game was almost unplayable due to bugs and such. So I am taking a break. This last holiday patch helped out a little bit, but I have hope that once they smooth things out this will be an enjoyable BF experience. I feel they did a good job capturing the scale of BF games past, just hoping it all gets continually balanced and patch support!

  4. EA needs to stop competing against Activision Blizzard/Treyarch/Infinity Ward. The two make two different games and the player bases are not compatible.

  5. Well it's not really fun but after unlocking a weapon I just do Co-Op vs beginner bots on Orbital and usually get to mastery 9-11 within one match.

  6. We only like to get back a BF like BF 4, Bf 3 or BF Bc. Not a hero shoot. Dice is loosing his roots. Only bad copy past stuf from warzone and apex. Spezialist and free loadouts one of the copy past shit from Warzone. For me it is not a BF. The empty maps are so worst for Infanterie. The hard 30 mm guns on transport vehicle sucks so hard an make a tank useless. This is the worst BF ever. It's not a bf. It's something else. Bf is dying for me.I

  7. Once you get past performance issues, the game sucks. The maps are terrible, the characters look terrible, the guns are boring. Love running around in a ghillie suit with a rocket launcher and LMG.

  8. When i played bf1 i felt like a soldier part of an army in bf2042 i felt like a cod character in a free for all in a massive map

  9. No one realizes the Battlefield franchise is over and dead … this was, in my opinion, EA's last chance
    to regain the trust of true fans and regain trust after the catastrophic results in BF 5.
    I personally look at this as another slap in the face after all the years of loyalty and dedication. I own all the franchise titles except BF 5 and probably BF 2042 (unless they perform a miracle and reproduce it in real BF instead of this COD/Apex crap?) I hope for the best solution but I lost faith in EA long time ago.Fuck'em.??

  10. Its like they was killing cod nice animation all gone 😀 its same like cod but cod suck 😀 omg sad really

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