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CRACKWATCH NEWS #5. Denuvo removed from many games. Watch Dogs Legion. PC "Ultimate Hardware".

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Crackwatch news #5. The developers keep removing Denuvo protection from their games. Some of them do that even twice for the same game. Hello and welcome to the fifth episode of Crackwatch news. There wasn’t much news about cracks last week, but we have gathered everything possible and now, at least, we have an approximate date for Watch Dogs Legion so watch this video till the end.

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CRACKWATCH NEWS #5. Denuvo removed from many games. Watch Dogs Legion date. PC “Ultimate Hardware”.

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  1. When even a company like. CDPR can fall from grace with no DRM whatsoever a company needs to start questioning what really matters to a gamer.

    That or go the mobile route where games are eventually go to die.

  2. The worst is Ubisoft, which will never remove Denuvo, even despite very big problems with optimizing their games. That is why I have not been buying their products for years. Their games are boring and worst of all completely not optimized. In some productions, there are as many as 2 layers of Denuvo DRM.

  3. Last time i've bought a denuvo game was back in 2017 with AC Origins…Back then i wasn't aware of this cancer, now i will never touch a game ever again that includes Denuvo.

  4. Watch Dogs Legion is a garbage …i play many game cracked . but after I played them, I bought them, but watch dogs legion, I'm sorry I gave 50e it's useless, it's a game mess only goes in the lag, full of bugs

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