DrDisespect RAGE QUITS Battlefield 2042 For Halo Infinite!

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  1. Doc there is a dual scope with a close and long range optic thats a good option for different engagement ranges.

    Patch coming will add symbols when you're down to show medics so you can see if anyone can pick you up .


  2. I am pissed right now, 1 challenge left, 1 snipe kill!got it, still had it, went for another just in case and got a hit then died, respawned inside an enemy vehicle 2 times that was in my spawn so killed myself with nades and the next 3 times was ejected off the map and respawned in an enemy vehicle again so I naded myself one last time and got banned! Wtf. Kicked me to the main screen and I can't match up now, last hours of the week and it didn't give me the snipe I got in the match. Doc if you could please address this it's an issue and being cheated of the shitty weekly reward kinda pissed me off more because it was so shitty, woo a color! But I still wanted it lol I know Im a dumbass

  3. Lil help up? lil help up? Lil help up? Hey, lil help up? Hey, lil help up? HEY YOU, LIL HELP UP? LIL HELP UP? HEY YOU LIL HELP UP?


  4. Map design…u place players in wide open areas where people can pick them off from the background. No cover or lower areas to take

  5. Hangs out in dark area, wears sunglasses, barely updates brightness to 54, and probably doesn’t have black equalizer either. Repeatedly claims he can’t see, yeah? Is that right? Hahahaha ?
    Also marking helps immensely in bf

  6. I played halo infinite and I was not impressed by it. Frankly I'm not a season finger hole player. I just stick to basics like battlefield or anything that doesn't have seasons mode involved.

    Reasons cause it's a waste of time plus even if a new player started play apex then goes to season 9000 like how the hell is anyone gonna start off like that. If gta5 ranks could do something involved than season garbage which is beyond stupid. It's pointless who came up with season anyway.???

    If they took out permanently seasons being gone for good then I'm with that 100 percent.

  7. whats up with that mess of a ui? Why can't they just put all those points in the compass thing instead. Game looks like a pos

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