Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Unboxing

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Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Unboxing, we beat the scalpers once again and obtain this beautiful controller. I’m just upset that they didn’t wait for Elite Series 3 and just used all the exact same components from an Elite Series 2 to make this controller. I still n=ended up buying it LOL. Hope you enjoy the video leave your comments and thoughts below.


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  1. I tried getting the Halo infinite Xbox series X limited edition console as well since it also came with that specific controller too? Scalpers and people camping outside stores ruined my chances?? Regardless the controller is really awesome ????

  2. JUST ordered mine from someone on FB in my city, gonna check the viddy regardless, love your enthusiasm. New sub my man.

  3. Would you happen to on know if the regular black elite 2 controller sticks fit on the halo one since they are pretty much the same.. I like the black sticks and I think it would look awesome on this version..

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