Marvel's Avengers – HDR Settings – Dolby Vision / HGiG / DTM ON – Xbox Series – LG CX 65"

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  1. Thanks again for the great content! The game I still play a lot is battlefield 5 , I can’t decide what is better hdr wise , need your help mate !

  2. Hi bro, I bought a 65 inch oled c1. I wanted to consult with you regarding the calibration of the image Do the settings you posted on this channel work on the model c1?

  3. Kann es sein, dass man bei Brightness manchmal mehr als nur eine Stufe heruntergehen muss? Hab das Gefühl, dass es sich bei manchem Spielen mit Brightness 49 deutlich bessert, aber nicht komplett verschwunden ist.
    BTW: LG C9 ist mein TV.

  4. This may be due to panel variance or the fact that my TV was calibrated differently, but personally I found Dolby Vision to be by far the best picture mode for this game. Not only that, but I found that I was only experiencing black level raise when set to 120hz, so I toggled that to 60Hz for this game and had perfect blacks. I believe my in-game settings were 450 for the white point and 1100-1200 for the max luminance. I found that I could go all the way up to 1200 before I saw any noticeable clipping or loss of highlight detail.

  5. Hello Guys , Welcome @Amok4all I've question about consol Ps5 vs Xbox Series X I wanna buy Ps5 for exclusive demon souls , the last of us etc , but I see Xbox Series X have Dolby Vision . Does it make sense to buy Xbox Series X console for dolby vision and better graphics alone or is there no difference between ps5? My tv is Oled65B1. Greetings from Poland.

  6. Hgig and DV both pretty good in this game . Thinking DTM is good here is the same as trying to be a good singer even if you are tone death. People should sing none the less if they enjoy it just as much as people can like deviating picture calibrations.

  7. Hello I love your videos. I have one serious question. This has been frustrating me for so long now. For some reason on all my Ps5 games there is huge amount of texture pop in. The grass and trees only load in when I get close to them and at medium distance I can see the bugged graphics do you know why this is? Please help. Is it the TV settings or is this the PlayStation 5 settings. I have everything on auto too. Please help.

  8. Seems too me I would more than likely play with DTM on here's why. HGIG is too dark in shaded and dark areas while DTM blows out highlights, so to keep the overall brightest picture leave DTM on and to get those details back in the highlights just turn your tv contrast down until the detail just appears but don't turn it down too much that the picture starts looking flat.

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