Call of duty vanguard

Sledgehammer Games NEEDS to Wake Up… (Call of Duty: Vanguard)

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Today is the day: All of the Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch devs are back from vacation, and we’re all anxiously awaiting updates to Vanguard
• Review of Vanguard:
• Vanguard Season 1 Delayed:

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  1. HELLO NOTIFICATION SQUAD! Hope you all had an awesome weekend, be sure to leave a like if you enjoy today's video <3

  2. My main issue with the game right now is crashing on the PC version. It's made the game unplayable for me. Modern Warfare 2019 didn't have this issue at all (its the same engine).

  3. My issue is the fact that so many of the guns have so much recoil, the AS44, The Bren and hell, even the Krauser pistol which is a 9mm has more than it should. The guns get better with attachments but so many of the guns don't get to that point until you level it up past level 40 or 45. I believe the Volk was one, it was crappy at the beginning and once I hit like level 40 and got more recoil reducing attachments and the big drum mag, it became fantastic. I've been playing cod since WAW and I've put 50 days plus in almost every cod since except the shitty jet pack cods and I love this game. I think your rating of a 4 is a bit exaggerated. Even with the issues, I still rate it a 7 as of now. I can work around all the issues and still have a blast with my friends. I like this game more than MW19 and cold war combined

  4. Let me start with I don’t even play cod anymore but….. you guys put such unrealistic expectations on these people (devs). They work crazy hours just to give you a product you can make living off bitching about it and then you want to give them shit for being able to spend time with their families for a week over a holiday!? That’s fucked up man

  5. One of the most annoying bugs I’ve seen. Is the fact that in vanguard. To use mouse and keyboard on Xbox. I HAVE to have my controller turned on. If it’s off. I literally can’t even navigate the menus ingame. Let alone play the game with it. MW2019 and Cold War didn’t have this issue. It’s so annoying. Its literally making me not wanna use a MnK. In some cases. Ppl won’t even be able to use MnK coz some use 2 USB ports. And if you wanna play it conveniently. At this point in time. You have to have your controller plugged in!. This have has had so many glitches and bugs. And this one peeves me the most!

  6. I play on an old ass ps4 and have less problems on vanguard than most people and it makes me like the game and sad there’s no content in it

  7. I cannot fathom how this dev team can pat themselves in the back and go off for a week with a half-baked game. At this point, Vanguard is an infuriating and stressful game to play with how much bullshit it has.

  8. I know I’m not a call of duty expert, but I’m pretty sure the time to kill is usually a lot longer! It feels very short!

  9. It’s sad that devs need YouTuber’s videos to see their flaws. Do they not even play their own games??!! ?

  10. They need to fix the engineer perk. It doesn't show any kill streaks on on the radar like previous cod titles. It's hard enough trying to find the spy plane when it's in the air yet the engineer perk doesn't make it any easier. And what's the point of having it if you can't detect dogs coming out of nowhere getting easy kills. Pretty much useless.

  11. Vanguard is a piece of crap I will never spend money on activision again it is a waste If you have not bought please save your money it is awful

  12. The biggest problem I have with this game is spawns as well as how destructive everything is….defeats the purpose of being behind a wall or any other type of cover if you can just destroy it

  13. Hey Nero, muchas gracias for speaking for all of us man. The game has lots of potential but NOT YET. Great work!

  14. I just don’t understand how you make a WW2 game with no factions that will forever turn me off of this game

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