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So Many New VR Games and Cyber Monday Deals – New VR News

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Welcome back to the New VR News. Today we have so many new VR games to go over plus a ton of Cyber Monday deals for …


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  1. I recently picked up a Quest 2 with the $50 credit. I'll need a more comfortable strap so there goes the $50.
    Now I'm wondering if I should have waited and got the new G2 for $400 and no Facebook crap.

  2. Love your videos… Definitely my go-to for VR related news. And I like the fact that you said your still enjoying games on your valve index… As am I. I've been tempted to jump on other headsets… But seems like there's always "something" that they don't have that my valve index does. I love the resolution of the Varjo Aero…. But $2k is WAY expensive. If it was about half that I might consider… Until they bring out something that exceeds index in every way, I'm holding on to it. Is that primarily what you still use? Thanks for all the videos…. Much appreciated.

  3. rats playing doom is dumb, just make a maze in the doom engine and have them run it- but expecting rats to even understand the textures is absurd

  4. The rats playing Doom is really cool but I am annoyed that it's in this video and on a VRScout article it's not VR it's a curved monitor and a ball like sure some people have played VR games with a similar way to move but that's like the only similarity, Am I wrong? (in that it's not VR not specifically how many things are similar and not)

  5. Cool, just bought me some games. Thanks for telling me.
    Got PavlovVR (Don't like FPS anymore but never tried with VR), Half-Life Alyx, and No Man's Sky.

  6. great video – thanks for sharing

    It'd be great to group all PCVR/PS/OCulus reviews back to back though, so we can just watch a compilation of the titles that match our hardware

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