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The 10 MOST OP CHAMPIONS in Preseason 11.23 – League of Legends

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Top
2:47 – Jungle
4:23 – Mid
6:08 – ADC
7:59 – Support
9:43 – SkillCapped & Outro

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  1. Im not sure about the mundo pick, you mentioned hes strong vs jayce, but jayce has mostly been played because of arcane and when some of the hype goes away people will stop playing him . Also… chances are anyone picking jayce is going to lose regardless who the enemy locks in

  2. Ekko, sylas, LB just get a $2700 new first item, and it is op on bruiser assassin, just good at mages and enchanter support, nice, so they now can have 430 ms, 3000 hp, 70 cd, 18 magic pen, 130 armor don’t even need the new ap pen item.(at lv 16 3item $2500-2700+ 10 stack mej and ap pen boost, which cost less than 11k, but tanker, more dmg, more cc than any class in this game, nice)
    adc is so bad at season 12 again, nice, with 3 item, sylas W 4s cd just heal more that a crit auto attack

  3. So you are saying even viktor is getting viable?
    There is really some arcane buff lmao. Like, jinx get a direct buff and was one of the best adc in early pre season + indirect buff with lethal tempo (and cait benefit from it too). Jayce op in toplane thanks to first strike probably.
    And viktor+vi indirectly buffed… If even VIKTOR is buffed, one of the champ that stayed in the most forgotten champ for riot.. I think it is bot a coïncidence.

    But i like that. They kinda make a good meta. As long as it's not some dumb akali/katarina /yasu/yone buff i'm fine. Seeing some viktor to change a little is good.

  4. Why take bone plating and not second wind on soraka? In botlane it's so easy to proc ur plating and then it's on cooldown for the fights that actually matter.

  5. The reason why Mundo beats jayce this hard is that Arcane gamers are everywhere rn who can't even do QE with Jayce

  6. Vi turned top tier not because of any change (some changes actually nerfed her a little), just because people stated picking her because of Arcane and she's consistent and easy to play. She's pretty strong in low elo and falls a bit behind in higher elos.

    You can also play lethal tempo or conqueror VI (lethal being better), since is provides better dps than hail of blades. Althought if you are going letality VI with eclipse (which is very good too), hail of blades or eletricute would be better.

  7. Divine Sunderer on Vi is only good in certain matchups. If the enemy team is full of squishy burst champions, run Eclipse, collector, and then steraks

  8. Please Riot do not nerf viktor he never gets more than a patch of glory before the meta changes and gets forgotten for a whole season :'(

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  10. I just played with a mundo and he is surprisingly strong, almost unkillable. Nocturne is annoying too with that axion item his ult is off cooldown all game

  11. I started playing Vi again after watching the ACT 1 and the series, and stop playing back in 2019 and left her on mastery LvL 6 with 2 LvL 7 shard and just a few games finally got her to LVL 7 mastery and until now I'm having some insane games I already got 2 Penta's this week! I really got lucky when I try out kraken slayer 1st item its really good and I never change it again coz when procing the 3rd AA you get the true damage + denting blows (W) passive and with Lethal Tempo she's flipping champions out of the Map.

    If fully fed my final build (depends on the situation)

    Greaves boots – Kraken Slayer – the Collector – Thornmail – Steraks – (6th item is mostly defensive item)

  12. best champs remain best since 2012 except sion. yi zilean caitlyn nasus veigar 🙂 gg . jaxa intabd tho, trynda, shyvana ad

  13. Yeah just played a full AD game vs Kassadin… we were super ahead in the early game but then the 2/6 Kass got 2 items and just killed everyone. We eventually won because he inted, but damn that was just not a fun experience. Crown, Fimbulwinter, Frozen Heart and he still hits you with 400 dmg per ult every few seconds 🙂


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  15. Very underrated but very strong is lethal tempo kled with tank Sunfire and hydra build ive been abusing it its nasty

  16. Listen guys if you are a jungler you can climb playing nunu. His q acting like a second smite gives you so many-versatile paths. Have a aggressive match up mid? 2 camp gank mid. Hook champs bottom lane? 3 camp gank bot. First champ I ever got diamond with because you take over the game and make laners rage.

  17. Ok, I'll do you all a favor: DON'T and I mean absolutely DON'T play Kassadin with Winter's Approach it's absolute garbage you don't deal damage and you won't even be "tank" even a mage can oneshot

  18. I love my thunder bear but honestly, yeah, the goddamn dog is amazing right now, big sad I can't achieve the same win rates with Voli as I do with Warwick

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