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World of Warcraft Journey Part 6 – Legion Cinematic Reaction

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Part 6 of our WoW Journey is a cinematic cutscene and trailer compilation for the Legion expansion. If you want to see all of our World of Warcraft reactions be sure to check out this playlist
Hope you enjoy our World of Warcraft Journey Part 6 Reaction! Part 7 will be Warbringers next week for Triple Trailer Tuesday!

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  1. You can also watch "World of Warcraft Extinction (Sargeras Sword Impact Cinematic , End of Legion)". A little addition to Legion final cinematic.

  2. Khadgar: What have you done?!
    Illidan: Sometimes… the hand of fate must be forced. ?
    Xe'ra: Great, Chosen One! I'm glad you feel that way!
    Illidan: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Not MY hand of fate!

  3. That line from king Varian "what a king must do" and "for the alliance" before guldan killed him still giving me chills to this day

  4. It's interesting to see reactions when you don't really have the full context of what's going on. Not bad by any means though. Looking forward to more.

  5. Legion was the last time I truly felt an emotional connection with the game. Amazing expansion on every level. I still play today but it's not the same and I am definitely not emotionally connected to the game anymore. Its more about socializing with friends in dungeons and raids (which were far better in Legion).

  6. Man, I loved Legion so much! I still feel a hype for this expansion to this day, that I haven't felt since 🙁

  7. There is so much in game lore for why Ysera's (The Dragon) death is so impactful not just as a narrative tool but in the impact on me. This was a VERY rough pack of expansions for me… going from Legion which had Ysera's death (She is literally my favorite Dragon in all of fiction), going into Battle For Azeroth where in the only two characters I have as tattoos on my Body are of Ursoc and Shadra (A big ol' Bear God, and the Spiritual progenitor of all Spiders), Ursoc dying in Legion as a Raid boss (also corrupted) and Shadra being killed by her own high priestess. Then going into Shadowlands, I will hold off on spoilers since to my knowledge you haven't seen the covenant cinematics yet… but everything going on in these three expansions have been wildly emotional for me as someone whose been playing at release.

    Ysera is the Progenitor, Queen of the Green Dragon Flight and steward of the realm known as the Emerald Dream. She's known as the Dreamer, for when she walks in one world her eyes are closed and fixed in the other. She raised Cenarius, the Demi-God of the Forests on behalf of her friend Malorne (who was killed by Archimonde in the War of the Ancients, a war that predates the stories established in Warcraft), who is a great stag dubbed one of the "Ancients" and a God in Nature's pantheon, and Elune (The Moon Goddess, who is with in the theology of Night Elves removed from her people physically… she is thought to have made the Night Elves but really acts as their patron).

    She only opened her eyes twice in the course of the story prior to her untimely fate in Legion. Once being the birth of Cenarius and the other at the killing of her oldest friend, Malorne. The intervention of the Dragonflight during the War of the Ancients was so pivotal that even though Archimonde murdered the Father of the Forest, his doing so was what led to their defeat.

    She is observed having Elune intervene on her behalf, pulling her soul out of her body and creating a constellation in her image… which is one of the only in game examples of Elune directly intervening in an event in the history of World of Warcraft.

  8. Velen had the power to see the future for him to try and break off with illidans ways was a lot harder at first even tho he didn't have the power anymore.

  9. 4:35 Not just a badass… he is (or was) one of the greatest warriors the world of Azeroth has known, respected for his martial prowess even by members of the Horde, which earned him the moniker "Lo'Gosh", meaning "Ghost Wolf" in Orcish.

  10. Ahhh… And thus was the Burning Legion, the ancient scourge of countless worlds, defeated at last, and, to everyone's shock, WITHOUT a stupid 'fisticuff Sargeras until he dies' raid battle that wouldn't make any sense from a lore perspective. It's all downhill from here, lol… But it's funny, Sargeras was ALSO, essentially, trying to make his own fate. He uh. He did not do a great job, trying to destroy every planet so that evil could never overtake it… kiiiinda went off the deep end there. But he tried.

    And the lantern thing was them starting to go down the 'Oh, you like Sylvanas? Well guess what? She's an absolute monster who never does anything likeable ever again, so enjoy that. Hope you like burning children to death, Horde fans!~'

  11. God, Varian’s fall always brings me to the verge of a crying mess. Which makes Gul’dans fall all the more incredible. I mean serving under Varian since 2005 and watching him die in Legion was the only cinematic that made me cry from sadness rather than how epic these cinematics are.

  12. Sylvanas didn't betray Varian, but just below the ridge was another force of demons that were attacking the Horde.

  13. During Legion expansion many legendary and good and powerful souls have died… Only to empower The Maw and The Jailer in the Shadowlands, as the Sylvanas planned. 5:20 – Sylvanas left Varian Wrynn and Alliance because she wanted more people die and empower The Maw with their souls.

  14. 34:43 Actually it did go as expected. Xera wanted Illidan to shatter her, her pieces were then scattered to both horde and alliance and it was the only reason that they defeated the Legion. The prophecy stated that his eyes were key to victory against the legion, and only Illidan's fel could shatter Xera.

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