8 Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You! – Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks

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Here are 8 tips to Battlefield 2042 that the game doesn’t tell you. In my former guides I already explained a lot of basic gameplay mechanics and all specialists, but I still have a few things on my list that you should definitely know about, no matter if you are a beginner or veteran of the series.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Get more ammo for your weapon
01:31 Ping downed allies before reviving
02:31 Ping dangerous situations when downed
03:03 Suppressors reveal your position
04:01 Scanning with Paik is not safe
04:49 Hack or Destroy Prox Sensors
05:54 Throw back frag grenades
06:19 Heal or Resupply Allies with the Recon Drone

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  1. Suppressors are completely useless in this game. You're going to get spotted anyway. Horizontal recoil compensators are a much better option.

  2. The suppresser is dumb. If that range is correct. It already reduces dmg at range. What's the point of having it if not for close engagement??

  3. The ammo thing made me laugh. You have to do that because there are so many scrubs in this game who won’t work as a team.

  4. The suppressors are weird. There are a couple of suppressors that keep you completely off the map and the others work as you described.

  5. To this day I still can't believe that Dice still hasn't got Suppressors right. Like God dammit, I've only ever played one game that got them right and it was CoD Warzone. Suppressors barely have any downsides, so the fact that the bullet is somehow weaker than without one is literally the polar opposite of what it's effects on the bullet itself are. Subsonic ammo would indeed be less powerful, but a suppressor would literally just work like a longer barrel making the bullet even faster. It really angers me

  6. Actually in the down stated you do still get your center dot. For pining. It is just now alot harder to ping them because it seems the sensitivity goes to 100% when down and your camera angel will move alot quicker then when Actually up and playing.

  7. Ok I didn't know about the extra ammo trick, scan lady downside and drone shenanigans. Thanks I'll be using those for sure

  8. I have learned more about this POS game by watching your two videos then by playing this game for weeks. All I ever do now is just get pissed off over how bad everything is in this fkn game.

  9. The suppressor tip is half correct. Only the 6k and wrapped work the way you mentioned, the heavy suppressors work at any range, even up close

  10. OMG SOOOOOOOOO many tips I get from this single video than from any major, 10minute++++ video 😮

    I legit surprised about spotting mechanics and the suppresor tips. All this time I though that whenever I stop shooting, I'm unspotted. No wonder everytime I flank kill someone, their teammates like instantly knows where to look at (when I'm hiding in dark spot). Also the supressor is kinda let down decision from DICE; sounds like it's a bit less useful vs not using it since they both are appeared in the minimap.

    Please do more tips like this, it really helps new player like me :))

  11. This is a garbage game if your on an x box. If you play this game on X box you are basically as useless as a bot. You're just target practice for those that are on pc's with mouse and keyboard. Everyone is lumped into the crossplay automatically. And if you change the crossplay setting then you'll never play because everyone is lumped in the pc killing fields.

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