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Caldera Revealed! (Warzone Pacific Update New Map!)

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Call of Duty Vanguard integration is finally coming to Warzone in the form of Caldera. This is the new map with Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Update. It has great colors, lighting, locations, loot, and secrets! They also did a story update and I talk about Warzone Anti-Cheat in today’s video.

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  1. 7:01 I don't think you'll be able to swim in the water though because it's built on the MW engine

    Edit: the "shallow water" thing doesn't seem like a good substitution

  2. Too bad the core game is actual dog ? bc this map looks decent. This is like a year late, $1M short. I feel so bad for the devs. Looks like they worked hard on a map just for it to be overrun with 12 yo script kiddies ?

  3. Drift0r can you restart YouTube 101?
    So much has changed here on YouTube and I really want you to make a video on the alghorythm.
    Like I dropped a 21 kill game in Warzone with live commentary and got like 4 views wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Back in the day I had a channel where I only posted raw unedited gameplay and easily got hundreds of views (I was a dumb little kid back then), is it simply just too many people wanting to become YouTubers? This is just depressing when I dropped such a game I deserve more than 4 views. -End of rant. (P.S I have freaking 200 subs how come none of them are watching, I was inactive for quite some time, but still come on YouTube wtfffffffff)

  4. Over battle Royale in general. Same concept. Same type of cracked out players exploting everything and "Anti-cheat" is never going to actually exist because they don't care about people cheating in this game.

  5. I don´t think they will be able to repeat the success from Warzone. BR games peaked in 2020. I predict everybody is gonna enjoy the new map for a few weeks or even months, and then BR is dead for good

  6. I’d be much more interested in trying out the new map…

    …if they didn’t choose to launch the update on Halo Infinite’s release date

  7. I was wondering if sub pen was on Caldera because I saw some players doing a glitch that clearly looks like they’re rendering a bunch of stuff outside the multiplayer map.

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