Call Of Duty Warzone

Everything You Need To Know About Warzone Pacific!

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Today we got a huge reveal for Call of Duty Warzone Pacific. We learned about the map, locations, secrets, weapons and much much more. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Take a look at the Island of Mauritius off the cost of Madagascar. The island looks like it was mirrored, or at least inspired by that location.

  2. Do anybody's Vanguard game show DEV Error 5575 and restarts to the main menu within seconds of playing a round z

  3. Dude you have to change your background music it is unbearable. That squeaking sound coming in every 2 seconds and I’ve commented this no joke 50 times. I can’t watch your videos

  4. I have a feeling visibility is going to be much harder. I already think Vanguard MP is at times hard to see enemies at a distance.

  5. Only vanguard guns, I personally think that is a load of crap, people have spent hundreds on buying guns and operators to not be able to use them no more :/

  6. December 8th 1944 huh? Yeah in a year it’ll be December 8th 1945, which is, you know, around the time of the big boy bomb.

  7. Remember when call of duty was call of duty a d it was not some kindergarten fortnite want to be I wish they put this much energy in tho zombies…. Trash

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