Halo Infinite | Campaign Launch Trailer

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When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Step inside the armor of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and explore the vast reaches of Zeta Halo, from stunning heights to mysterious depths below the ring. Rescue UNSC marines to gain reinforcements in your fight against a fearsome enemy known as “the Banished.” Enjoy true Spartan freedom in the biggest, most wide open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet, launching December 8 2021.

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  1. when the master chief is going to lose his virginity, 343 give him a spartan girlfriend 4 because the concept I have of him is that I have to be a virgin at 40 lol

  2. I played it its very fun keeps you coming back but just feels different very on the grind its gonna beed to grow on me. Plus im only a couple hours in so I need to wait and see how it grows or something like that.


    I seen videos and I just wish the flood was in the game such a missed opportunity. The other games had them that was their magic it feels different without them hopefully its a free DLC because This ring is known for the flood. When there was no flood in halo 4 it felt weird but I understood now we are on a ring and we dont have it feels different I always came back to them.

    Dont get me wrong I LOVE HALO even without the flood but its just odd not seeing them in Infinite I really miss them

  3. I shat my pants seeing Infinite, and there are shitty Villains, but balanced with Master Chief scripted writing being the best within Halo History, and having Gameplay that truly does give Doom Eternal a run for it's money, and Fernando being scared actually does add such great world building. 343 has learned their lesson, after diorrhea shitting out Halo 5, a great stepping stone, not a perfect game, but an Awesome game.

  4. Soooo… 343. I searched EVERY square inch of the map for those giant and exotic animal herds you showed me during development…. i found NOT ONE!

    .. but you put a bunch of feathered-less chickens running around all over the place!

    I was looking forward to grappeling onto the back of those majestic beast and taking them down with a swift hit to the back of the neck…. I get BALD CHICKENS!


  5. One day remember my word halo infinite will be nostalgia 343 thank you for the game I love it so much

  6. Halo is back <3

    I Finished it already on Legendary. Now i cant wait for more content to be added. Good Job 343.

  7. Bruh i respect 343. They knew what they did wrong with 5 and went to make the game better from that. Halo infinite is a true halo game

  8. Halo porque no en el siguiente juego nos muesttras el hijo de linda (la mejor francotirador) con el master chief como sabran los espartan pierden el interes en las relaciones sociales como sexuales en tonses que la uns tome muestras del semen de master chief y lo pongan en linda luego que la uns descubra la siguiente generacion de espartans y que uno de los candidatos sea el hijo de linda y master chief : los spartan mark 8 que midan 5m, que tengan doble horganos (para asi evitar muerte por desangrado), la fuersa de un brutus, un hoido tan agudo que escuchen a quilometros,la capacidad cerebral del 20%, mas rapido que un chita, luego que la uns cree una maquina que pase todos los recuerdos de una persona a otro para que los espartans nuevos los pongan en la maquina y les pasen los recuerdos de un espartan ya experimentado como el master chief, como los nuevos espartans son muy robustos la uns tendra que crear nuevas armaduras, como armas

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