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Into the Starfield: The Endless Pursuit

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Join Game Director Todd Howard, Studio Director Angela Browder and Art Director Matt Carofano as they discuss how Bethesda Game Studios’ ambitions, passions and history have shaped the studio and how they are looking to the future with Starfield . Keep an eye out in the coming months for more episodes of ‘Into the Starfield.’

Starfield arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on 11.11.22. Play it day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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  1. Wish RSI Industries would understand this concept lol. It's one thing to be ambitious!! However it's another to actually put all that time to good use. Something which unfortunately RSI hasn't done here.

    Which is a shame as it's potential is pretty obvious. However if nothing else to it's credit has shown the immense interest in the space genre.

    Which under a competent studio like Bethesda here. I am cautiously optimistic Starfield will deliver on it's promises where others have not.

    Now I'm not saying there aren't some honorable mentions like Stellaris. Which is an excellent game and continues to evolve in it's own space to it's credit.

    I'm also very appreciative of the fact that Bethesda acknowledged the importance of the modding community.

    Not many games that look this good in Skyrim 10 years on. Which I continue to play religiously. So I suspect Bethesda will continue with this tradition. Starfield I feel is the next logical evolution. 🙂

  2. My two first steps out are going to be falling through the map unless microsoft makes sure they patch this shit out this time

  3. Bethesda has always, in my opinion, done a great job at making their games extremely replayable without it feeling forced. Its all about options. I love it. I feel like with the setting in space, and the futuristic stuff, it will allow for even bigger choices and set pieces. Stuff that their older games couldnt technologly handle. If they handle this rightm this could be a game that could take years to experiance everything in it. Please give us something like space dogfights though.

  4. I like how they act like they never expected skyrim to be played to this day. Like, they keep releasing the game

  5. Can't believe I missed this video! Starfield may end up being the last game I ever play – won't need any others! Time will tell!

  6. I remember when I first walked out of the cave in Skyrim and realized I was officially IN the world. I actually took a deep breath almost expecting to smell the fresh air lol. After spending countless hours playing oblivion my first thought thought was “I’m back”

  7. Yeah we’ve playing Skyrim for 10 years because we don’t have ES6, we’ve been ready for a new ES for 8 years.

  8. Please let this not be infected with woke madness. That would be the absolute death knell of Bethesda to myself and millions of others. .

  9. There are those of us who remember watching the first moon landing on TV, the thrill of watching humans step onto their very first alien world… so far only. 🙁

  10. Am I the only one who already sees this video being edited in with the in-game bugs to create a meme compilation?

  11. What did you do today? "I did fuck all sitting in my gaming chair at home for 16 hours being gross as fuck eating like shit and ignoring all of life's very real problems like how I'm 35 and don't work or have no REAL friends". "Ah, I mean, yeah I saved the world today".

  12. I hope for gameplay that involves changing gravity and ship fights like in the expanse. More joust than fighterjet style, but space is vast and with all the time in the world, bethesda can't do it all so i hope at least for an already implemented vr support and quick launch of the editor so the modding may beginn maybe even with the launch or at least soon after

  13. too general to me the whole idea todd explains, no ''this is what you are going to do and this is what we want to make'' After a few let downs I am going to wait and see how it develops and releases and then maybe play it

  14. This game is coming out in 11 months. There is no actual gameplay footage, no concrete information at all to help us determine if this game is worth buying. After Fallout 76 and Fallout 4 I have to be SOLD on your games Bethesda. I'm not preordering just because you all sat in a room and talked about how good Skyrim was.

  15. Howard is suprisingly considering the deeper concept of a world he's creating. How is he the same guy who made Fallout 3 and 4?

  16. The "Breakout Moment" in Fallout 4 was actually one of my favorite parts of that game… that, and of course the fact that we could finally CLOSE the Vault Door too while we're inside. 😛

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