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League of Legends Triple Reaction – Rise, Phoenix and Burn It All Down

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Happy Triple Trailer Tuesday! We are checking out some of the videos for the League of Legends World Championships – Rise, Phoenix and their latest one Burn It All Down. To see all of our LoL reactions check out this playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzMaVaJ7UYI02_0LU4fZno5mNXhRjdq6u

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  1. Yeah so everyone's said what i wanted to say already sooo…… As always great video! Riot games is making a Fighting game the entire FGC is excited about this one. it'll be with the characters from LoL. They released a video with how far they are and their ideas in making this game. For now it's called Project L perhaps a video worth reacting to? might be a bit too technical and game mechanics specific… who knows

  2. Seeing the titles lined up shows that it's all planned: Rise (from Ashes) (to become) a Phoenix then Burn it all down (when the phoenix dies) then the cycle continues

  3. Phoenix was one of my fave videos since the whole theme was players fighting their inner demons, each champ the player was playing in the video was one they had a bad performance on prior and the video is basically them fighting the demons of insecurity and regret in their heads and overcoming those.

  4. This past Sunday we reacted to all KDA songs on our second reaction channel we started for more music, tv and movie reactions. You can check it out here https://youtu.be/G4OPf2Gln04. This will also be the channel where we show our Arcane episode reactions. Right now we've covered the trailers and Enemy music video.

  5. the song is called rise and faker used ryze kind of think the song made me think faker all the time by asociation XD

  6. Простите заранее за мой юмор. Но я не смог сдержаться. –) Почему она следит за тем, как я смотрю видео? И одновременно смотрит в другую сторону, жуть какая

  7. A band with lead singer Simone at a live concerts (enjoy and give comments, ooh there where blocked by American excutives and city councilors for live performances in 2022????): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BIw_jCrkQo , and the new song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIZkvhiOUU8 , and our special: dog Camée design her own universe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6SP7b8TAo4 , concert a old ones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xkth6veR9AU , Simone alone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rW7Vpep3IIand a special for car drivers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8RRE2rDw4k

  8. It cracks me up the blue sorcerer at the end of the Rise video is named Ryze. It's almost like they're shouting his name.

  9. Hoping to see you guys react to the Arcane series on Netflix.
    And the LoL video for Enemy by Imagine Dragons.

  10. idk if anyone has explained it, but the RIse! video is depicting the struggle of ranked climbing and all the weapons they had were the champions they used to climb said "ladder" the guy at the end is considered the best league player in the world by the in game name Faker, the second video, yeah they are actual players, who are also very good players, top of the top, second video really just depicts how the game can really take its toll and you, how you will always struggle with your own belief " am i good enough to be here?" so on, last video "burn it all down" is explaining that theres no 1 great player, all are great in their own fields and champions, and the best way to practise is with your Frenemies

  11. Could you guys react to avatar the last Airbender Azula Vs Zuko the final battle it's very well done and beautiful you guys would enjoy it ?

  12. I am from latam and their reactions have reached me, I congratulate them because their content in general is very interesting and entertaining, I really recommend reacting to "the call of power" which is from my favorite character (Ryze) , and gives a general look at the story and several characters, it's like thanos from league of legends, and react to "As we fall" one of my favorite songs. Get jinxed, Pentakill mortal reminder, True Damage – Giants, The Curse of the sad mummy, Burning bright, lights and shadows, you really got me wild rift, Seconds- Ekko , are very historical songs too.

    (I know it's a lot of text but I really encourage you to share these excellent works of art)

    Of course I recommend all the songs of the World Cups but all in good time, it has always seemed to me that the RIOT art and music department does an incredible job, and ARCANE proved it again.

    a big greeting to you, I hope you like these videos and songs, I love them

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