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NEW PATCH PREVIEW: Upcoming Changes List For Patch 11.24 – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Champ Buff
0:48 Champ Nerf
1:37 System Buffs
2:43 System Nerfs
4:02 Adjustments
4:48 Outro

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  1. sad. i was happy about the conqueror buff since i like to play gwen jungle but why the frostfire and cosmic drive nerf 🙁 I need those

  2. Im an urgot main and honestly i dont get all the camille hate. They already nerfd her passive shield so her trading is weaker. The issue is abusing divine sund with grasp

  3. Riot: ivern buff
    The 3 ivern mains in galaxy: yay
    Riot: +5shield increase
    Ivern mains:….

    Riot : until next season

  4. i would like conq to be a sustain rune and not dmg rune. maybe increase the number of stacks but get the same amount of bonus and heal for 200% dmg dealt

  5. lethal tempo being the most broken rune in the game, axiom arc (which is not a mythic) allowing nocturne to ult twice in 5 seconds, but sure, they don't need nerfs, only "adjustments".. BUT LET'S NERF SHATTERED QUEEN, mages are made to me instantly killed, how dare they have fun.. and don't even get me started on conqueror getting buffed smh

  6. They need to remove the Chem drake Zombie passive… Completely… It is SO OP… If you get the passive, you basically can't loose TF's late game

  7. Riot did kind of a good job in balancing in a path for the first time in like 2 years, we're going somewhere

  8. My speculations:
    1- Kled: Skaarl's health will not count ALL as bonus health anymore to nerf Sunfire and Titanic in him.
    2- Crown of Shattered Queen: Cost increase (please, Riot, just change the cost… The item is fair and it finally gives mages a fighting chance against assassins)

  9. I really hope the Axiom arc adjustment is that it is now a mythic item. I mean it is exactly what a mythic item is meant to be – Gameplay defining.


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  11. am i the only one who believes vayne needs a nerf? i mean shes def the most broken adc, while other adcs have to build kraken to do dmg vayne literally gets a kraken slayer for her passive and is able to go shieldbow instead which allows her to be very aggressive and outlive burst while doing kraken slayer dmg with her passive, while being invis and easily kiting assassins, tanks and bruisers.

  12. Holy shit, buffing conqueror bcs lethal tempo is strong on 2 champs, yasuo and yone, instead of nerfing lethal AS scale on melee champs, they decided that it is better to buff whole melee class once again so they make them ALL STRONG instead nerfing just those 2 LMAO

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