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Terraria November State of the Game News (Switch, Consoles, PC, and more)

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Terraria November State of the Game News (Switch, Consoles, PC, and more)

Quite the news update this month! Don’t Starve Together crossover, BIG news for the Switch, and more!

November State of the Game post (with video link):

Direct video link:

NRLP Mods!

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  1. i watch your post about news becouse yours more complete than the one chippy makes,
    then i watch the chippy one,
    James, a great guy

  2. They should’ve as well dropped switch 1.4 in may so it can be a 2 year “no-1.4-update-for-switch” anniversary

  3. I played a bit of the 1.4 alpha and I didn't find much difference from Vanilla. glad to see they're getting closer to a full release though 🙂

  4. A texture mod I found that I liked was Petra the Guide which makes the Guide a different character but her dialogue is weird.?

  5. You cant call relogic a 'small indie company' anymore.
    Terraria consistently graces the top of every top ten games list the internet has to offer.
    Ten years after release its still one of the most consistently high selling games each year.
    They have the funds to triple the production quality and double their staff; someone at relogic is pocketing a lot of money to ensure that isn't the case.
    For such a 'big update' post this is a whole lot of nothing. Is the game done or isnt it? Are we getting new content besides the crossover or what?
    I've watched smaller teams put out bigger content in a lot shorter of time.

  6. I would love for terraria to win the award. The amount of content and value this game gives is more than I could ever ask for. The replayability is insanely good. I'm so proud that this team still works so hard on this game many years after its initial release. It's a team that truly has shown they deserve every good thing they have ever recieved and that they will receive. I hope the award is apart of it. They do better than many big game developers like rockstar, cough* cough* and Activision coooooough*. I mean these guys are so small yet they have brought us this master piece with free dlc all for the price of 15 to 20 bucks. Dudes are even going half off on the game to make the value even sweeter. A chef's kiss wouldnt suffice for their work.

  7. 7:17 i'm glad that they are going to fix those keens but i hope they fix the more important bugs (specifically the ones that crashes the game so easily) one of them is with the autosave which it crashes if you save and exit while the game is autosaving the other one being the bug from the colored dyes i hope they can fix those bugs in the switch version

  8. 4.0 came out almost 2 years ago why the hell didn't they do all versions at the same time this is bullshit they can get stuffed

  9. I am so fucking annoyed with 1.4 on switch that hearing this only pisses me off even more why would you do a whole crossover before putting the update on all platforms?

  10. The update for consoles came out today (atleast for xbox) and the fact that there is now a quick trash shortcut for keyboard and mouse and being able to grab stacks of items from the journey menu with left click has been the biggest game changer along with 1.4 coming out but still huge.

  11. I want to say that there is a glitch that I can't handle anymore. When placing blocks in 2 players in console is so wierd.when you try to place or dig a block the square thing is not in top of the block your placing or digging. Idk how to tell terraria that glitch can anyone tell them. PLZ

  12. I screamed while playing terraria on my switch the only platform I own and will now make 2022 my favorite year i’ve been drifting away from terraria since the announcement of journeys end on Console not including switch thinking it would be so much further but here we are a month later with amazing news

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