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What's the HARDEST Role in League of Legends?

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  1. Yeah ex league player support and jungle main and fuck me man I hated my life playing those roles but sad part is it's all I'm fucking good at

  2. I went from Support Main to Jungle Main that way instead of getting yelled at by one teammate, I get yelled at by four

  3. Ofc you won't be able to reach ashe or jhin because they are having a grey screen respawning because adc is a shit role.

  4. Okay but are we not gonna talk about how some supports sit behind their adcs and can't even help in time. Also I used to main support now I mostly mid or adc cause it's a lot easier to carry a bad support than to carry a bad carry. Which is probably why people take brand ;D

  5. See it's funny cuz I'm a support main but unless I'm playing with a friend who's playing ADC I'm playing Aram at this point. I've become too jaded.

  6. I enjoy being a support main and think there's a reason to it.

    Support is very high pressure and there's a lot of stress buried within it, yes. Nothing is worse than playing support, getting perfect CC off, and having your entire team still wipe because they don't know how to right click on the guy that literally can't play the game right now. At the same time though, every single victory feels like your own as well.

    Are you playing Soraka and nuke heal to save the life of your inting Yasuo only to watch him get four kills and then die under tower? That was all you, baby. That moron couldn't have done it by himself.

    Did you manage to get that glorious five consecutive seconds of lockdown on the enemy's carry while simultaneously hitting three people with an 80% slow while you survive eating all of the enemy team's CDs while playing as Leona? Well, your team wiped because they have no idea how to right click on people, but that was still an incredible play nonetheless.

    That's the kind of stuff that keeps bringing me back to the role. It's the idea that these four morons I have to take care of are my morons and nobody is allowed to hurt them except for me. It's the hardest role to play and it barely has any true carry potential, but it's also the most rewarding in my opinion.

    I've also noticed that the hardest gap to recover from is support. If your support is bad then your ADC doesn't get fed. If your ADC doesn't get fed then their entire role in a fight is pointless or barely noticed. Best start praying that your mid or your top are gods that are decimating their lanes, because your Jungle is somewhere off in Narnia and the enemy Jungle is currently using Bot as their personal piggy bank.

  7. As a pantheon support main, i can say: please stop pinging me for stunning the jg in a gank and almost diyng. Like i freacking save his life and he still talks sh$t to me.

  8. being a swain support at least im always doing a bunch of damage when my adc isn't looking at his minimap when there's a fight for drag in the river.

  9. I’m a support main, and thank you for acknowledging our sacrifice. I like it because it makes me feel good knowing I’m helped others for them to do good. Nothing makes me happier in league than a teammate acknowledging I saved their ass and brought them back into the game.

  10. adcs need to constently orbwalk and most of the adcs scalles a lot witch means that you still not have as mutch impact without getting items and you need to consider to champs so if you lose you have to players that fed and as a adc you still cant surive as mutch and without as mutch exp you dont get as mutch basic stats as top or mid

  11. 7:24 ngl saying junglers have it rough cus they gank a lot seems counter-intuitive. You're telling me the majority of your fights involve you outnumbering the opponents? Doesn't sound so bad. Lmao

  12. I disagree with the things he said about jungle. Jungle is easy as frick.

    -Pick anything that's meta
    -Look up a decent clear
    – know where the enemy jungler Starts
    – Absolutely demolish his skull becasue your champion is broken
    – Play around botlane
    -Kill Drake
    -Continue playing around Botlane

  13. Ah classic skooch making adc the easiest role "just buy galeforce or shieldbow" bro every champ in this game has a dash that goes to you instantly and 100 to 0's you yeah man just buy a shieldbow XD I'd say AT LEAST that adc is harder than mid AT LEAST, also top is the easier role and don't tell me otherwise.

  14. 7:40 if there was ever a test in League to really test your mental and see how tough it is, this would be it. Having to be aware of every single teammate's performance and seeing if they're gonna just quit is one thing. Doing that and still being blamed for something that would have otherwise been completely out of your control is a strain like no other

  15. When i started i picked support main bc i couldnt last hit minions for the life of me. And i still cant, but i really love support and find the flaming hilarious

  16. TL;DR: Thank you for this video, it gave me the confidence to stand up for myself (and role as a support) in future games. ADCs are annoying. Junglers are the best and often the most chill, I've found. They should not have to deal with the crap that they do. They're too good for their teammates, 99% of the time. Sir, you deserve an award.

    For context, I am a support main. I'm beyond overjoyed that you stuck up for all of us, as we never get credit for anything and we just have to live with it. I was almost through the video, right before you put supports as the most difficult role to master, and I was like, "Yeah, jungle is the most difficult. They've got to be skilled, and they've got to be nice and understanding. Top is definitely the second hardest, and I respect that. I get why you placed mid where you did, and OH LORD, SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS MY ANNOYANCE AT ADCS. Yeah, he'll probably put us as the easiest. Wait, what?" Honestly, I appreciate the credit. I usually play with a jungler or ADC that I know, and I always have a blast with the jungler, while the ADC blames me when I have a will to live and know that I can't save them with my shields or (lack of) damage. And this is after they tell me, "Hey, don't play Vel'Koz this round. You played him last game, I had like five deaths, you stole two of our team's kills, and didn't even die once. I know we won, but we didn't do good. Play Lulu or Janna." This is the main reason I get annoyed at ADCs, as they're a little selfish sometimes and don't seem to care about what suits you (or the team) best. I don't mean to brag, but I have a 75% win rate for Vel'Koz, a 47% win rate for Janna, and a 53% win rate for Lulu. I have nothing against supports like Lulu, Janna, Thresh, Nami, or Soraka, but their damage and sustain are inferior to other supports (looking at Xerath, Leona, Blitzcrank, Pyke, and even Lux). I just don't like being pushed around or bashed for something that I'm not even in control of. Yes, I can get better, but if you're faced with support Sett and Jhin in your lane, there's not much you can do as a tiny yordle with a pixie when your ADC can't even take an auto attack before they run back to base wanting another item. Even if you do have a great matchup and your team is skilled, the ADC, top laner, and mid laner don't even give you a shred of credit for your constant shields, heals, and crowd control. If I had to only honour one role for every game, it would be the jungler. I find I have the strongest bond with them, whether I know them or not. This is probably because I'm the only one willing to protect them and because I never flame them in the chat. We also have to deal with some of the same crap, as the babysitters of the team, except I don't have to kill dragons. However, you can't really get angry at the jungler without repercussions. They can just not gank you very often, or not back you up in team fights. However, the support has to stay nice and loyal to the ADC (who, more often than not no offence to you nice ADCs, because you guys are great is a doorknob). It's not like you can say "You've lost your shield/heal privileges", because then you're inting or being a bad support. All in all, the physical aspect of a support (to me) is simple, but putting up with an ADC who is an idiot is literally worse than being trapped in the Baron pit while it attacks you and you have no way of fighting back. All in all, thank you for your wise words, many of us appreciate them very much.

  17. As an adc main who exclusively goes duo with a support, I appreciate you giving my friend and other support mains the love they deserve. And most ADCs 100% need to have their ego taken down a notch.

    But come on skootch. No other role has to give a fuck about auto attacks. You're either melee and all you have to worry about is getting to them, or you're a caster and get to enjoy actual fun gameplay mechanics. Canceling animations, kiting, and making sure you play at range is fucking infuriating and if you slip up the tiniest bit all the enemy has to do is land one chunky skill shot and you're completely fucked. Playing adc makes you hate your fingers.

    I play mid secondary so I know for a fact that shit is easier. You only have to use actual skill and technique every few seconds when cooldowns are up. For ADCs it is constant and psychologically exhausting

    Any adc that insults their support can burn in hell though. That is the real hardest role for sure.

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