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0:00 Intro

0:51 Half-Life 3 Not in Development

2:43 13 Sentinels Coming to Nintendo Switch

4:46 Xbox Series S Wins Black Friday

9:05 Bioshock Isolation Leaks

12:32 PlayStation Mobile Controller Patent

14:34 Poll of the Day


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  1. Why do people keep saying it鈥檚 the best selling cus it鈥檚 the only one available that鈥檚 stupid cus if you want a PS5 why would you then go buy a Xbox it just don鈥檛 make sense so I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 the case the Xbox is just crazy good value

  2. Finally people are starting to realize how much of a beast the series S is. The value you get for it is crazy if you are trying to get into next gen.

  3. Yuck series s are so easy to find compared to the better xbox series x series is more and can play physical games as well digital games is unreliable I'm missing two games I know I owned on my Xbox one.

  4. Do you think the Gunk should be delayed because Halo is going to overshadow it. I would say, yes. It could be a good game but I see Halo killing it. I think MS is going to run into this problem a lot in the future. A lot of great games too close to release date too each other.

  5. Thing is, I'm torn on getting an Xbox S or X. It's not even a graphics or framerate issue for me, I don't have room for high end TV or monitors. My interest in the Series X is solely the disc drive. In fact, the smaller size of the S is very convenient for me. Although I do believe one of the appeals of the S is simply that people won't be tempted by discs in stores. Probably a series S and Game Pass alone would keep a casual gamer set for life.

  6. Regarding 13 Sentinels and Vanillaware, I have to say that Vanillaware's character animation drives me nuts, and it's the same for all of their titles. It's like the characters have animation on their limbs instead of being animated in conjunction with the rest of their bodies, giving it this weird marionette style effect. It's a shame as the art itself is usually gorgeous.

  7. Bioshock Isotaltion. Sounds the premise is going to be a lot like the Arcane series we got on Netflix. I'm onboard with that!

  8. It was the only one available. If I could've bought a PS5 over this period I would have. Have the Series X… No interest in the Series S(hite).

  9. Just wondering, how much were XSS or XSX & PS5 priced at on Black Friday? We don't have big sales in my country these days, but am really curious the price drop they get in the US…

  10. I think if valve were to produce half life 3 its possible they are saving it to make it an exclusive to the steam deck of some sorts

  11. Even if a ps5 was available on black friday, I still wouldn't waste my time or money on that second rate console. 馃 xbox is a premium console. The games and graphics are alot more polished on the xbox. But all the casuals in their mind think that ps is a better console lol 馃う鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔

  12. I absolutly need another bioshock.
    However i am concerned about how "woke" the industry is right now.
    I dont need their constant Bombardement of their views in Video games.
    Unfortunatly big franchises suffered the most.

  13. Just picked up bioshock trilogy for $10 on Xbox. Playing infinite now since I beat one and two couple weeks ago

  14. Got series x and PlayStation 5 when it 1st came out. I dont see xbox fucking with PlayStation. If it's not xbox exclusive. Then fuck it. It looks way better on the PlayStation 5

  15. I just got lucky and got the halo Xbox series x for half cost because someone opened the box and took the power cables and the digital code for halo

  16. A must buy? I wouldn't go that far lol. It may have a great story and nice art style but that's where it stops. I say Dragon's Crown and Odin's Sphere are far superior as a whole. I'd also say Muramasa Rebirth is superior. Those games should go to the Switch first.

  17. Xbox ain't beating no PlayStation. 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    All PlayStation has to do is remake Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy 8, Parasite Eve, Silent Hill, Legend Of Dragoon, Valleyrie Profile, Legend of Dragoon, A New breath Of Fire game…Should l go on….

    I don't see Xbox ever beating PlayStation… I don't even see Xbox beating Nintendo… Nintendo has alot of background history Just like PlayStation in the gaming community. Only way l can see Xbox catching up with PlayStation and Nintendo if they bought out Sega.

  18. the amount of comments downplaying the series s is ridiculous. obviously people have the choice between buying a console or saving money. the fact that they are jumping in with the series s shows that there is some interest in the console and a lot of people are wanting to make that jump into the current gen, otherwise they'd wait for series x and ps5 to be in stock?

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