Battlefield 2042 Has HUGE UPDATE News…

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Battlefield 2042 Has HUGE UPDATE News… Update #3 Release Time, FILE SIZE, HIT REG UPDATED, ALL NEW UPDATES DETAILS, and MUCH More… If you enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!


Today we have some HUGE UPDATE NEWS to discuss, BF 2042, Battlefield 2042 News, and more! Battlefield 2042 Update… Update #3 Release Time, FILE SIZE, HIT REG UPDATED, ALL NEW UPDATES DETAILS, and MUCH More…

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Battlefield 2042 Has HUGE UPDATE News…

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  1. I hope in the future, we have a option for 64 mode instead of 128 mode… Cause Sometimes.. 128, 64 v 64 just seems like to much for me.

  2. Why do you keep using the exact same footage over and over and over every single video? Get some new footage to film and voice over dude!

  3. Steam population is hardly a measurement of how game that requires Origin/EA client is doing. With 300+ games on Steam it is my preferred platform, but not for Battlefield games or EA/Ubisoft games as I would have to run two clients to start the game and i think many people will do the same. Unless you can source data from other platforms, Steam numbers are not indicative enough for me personally.

  4. I hate how I can’t spot people. It marks a waypoint instead. I wish it was like battlefield 3 when you can just spam it and it marks people

  5. Legacy things that make Battlefield the Battlefield … I mean if you play the game, you can tell you play the Battlefield game. The other things people want for the game atm are just minor things next to the giant issues the game has. If people won't play the game cuz of "classes" or operators, scoreboard or server browse option, then be it … Their win, but these things are not gamebreaking features that would make a BF game less BFish. Just saying and for the record I'm not underminig any of the features that we had or issues that the game has atm, just saying people should get their priorities right.

  6. I love battlefield but I feel like they made us pay for a beta and we have to tell them about all the bugs so they can fix them. It’s crazy that the game was released in this condition. I get the feeling they didn’t want to miss out on the holiday shopping money.

  7. No leaning/diving lack of 1942 maps and naval warfare as well as vehicle loadouts in portal mode.. no thanks.

  8. Please please please add some more guns, fix hit reg, fix performance on pc, please! They are literally loosing fans by the hour…

  9. The list of issues you can overcome if they just improve is quite (=too) long and quite substantial. They should never have launched in this state. I paid 106 euro for my BF2042 version which is instance for the issues they have. I installed it. Assigned keybindings, went into a game 7 FPS (i-7700k and Rog Strix 3080 gaming), thought it might be the server. Next game 9 fps. So I went online to see what to change. I have to manually edit on of the files vai notepad. BUT… i went to 30 FPS, played 5 minutes… CRASH. Had to hard reboot my PC. So I went straight for the refund which was done within 15 minutes. Guess I was not the only one. If you release your software in this state you have absolutely NO respect for your player base (I own and have played EVERY BF game till now) and are only thinking money. And see where this has brought the franchise,. worst game top 10 and now less then 20k players.

  10. Dice need to keep up the patches before it's too late for 2042. I have fun with the game. Its frustrating because I can see the foundation for a good game but all the issues just get in the way after awhile. They should have just delayed the game untill it was ready.

  11. the global was an issue but they cut content for bf5 for this pile of trash. they could easily have kept dropping content for bfv. like the eastern front and worked on bf 2042.

  12. I want Dice to succeed in making 2042 being amazing. I'm just worried that this will be the last Battlefield I buy.

  13. How about Voice chat options?!!?!?! Why even add cross play if no voice chat options? Also a score board? I’ve had enough with this safe space non competitive stuff.

  14. How about Voice chat options?!!?!?! Why even add cross play if no voice chat options? Also a score board? I’ve had enough with this safe space non competitive stuff.

  15. with all BS going on yes more testing should have been done. you side most bugs and gliches im having so not worth repeating im on XBOX series s. i played COD for ages im not going back until they have delt with the hacker problems.because it sux.

  16. Personally, I'm playing solo/co-op most of the time on BF 2042. I'm exploring the game still and building my setups for Multi-player. Eventually. I'll have time for multi-player but for now I'm enjoying solo/co-op and loving the game.

  17. i use to sink all my game time into battlefield but now im finding reasons to play other games because it just doesnt feel like it used to

  18. What a joke…EA destroys another bf game…makng yet again a game EA wants not what bf fans want. I stead of releasing desperately needed maps….they releasing patches to try to maje the game playable. EA makes awful games. Dice dosent exist anymore….Its now DEA ….Deadenarrival. EA wants a batyle royal where players desperately throw money at ea to unlock a new specialist….pay to win…pay to use all weapons incomng…..EA cant make a good game…they justnmake a virtual ea shop and then yry to fit a game around it. EA is a company l avoid.

  19. Rushed? Too ambitious? They had all the others the feed off of and they choose to forget history and do what they wanted anyways. When will Devs wake TF up!?

  20. I gave them a chance with BFV and after all the lies and misconceptions from that I was hesitant to buy 2042. Once they mentioned a delay I had a bad feeling about it.

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