PS4 9.00 Jailbreak With Phone, No USB Drive

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USB Mountr


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  1. Since you need to plug the usb of the phone (data cable) this is just a more step to do, a direct usb device is more helpful.

  2. Now a question,does this work with a android emulator like nox,bluestack? I have rooted phone but when i load up a img it crashes the app

  3. I actually don’t mind using usb but I don’t have pc or laptop at all so now I keep trying to find alternatives like this buuuuut , i’m using iphone so it’s seem impossible for me.

  4. Absolutely brilliant. Having to have a USB all the time just for jail break was a pain in the arse. Now it's far more accessible

  5. That makes me smile big time as it just keeps it stupid simple, no need to deal with the USB drive. (I also enjoy Android OS so much that it's my daily driver due to the fact that I can mod it when rooted. Hoping PS4 would be a lot alike when jailbreak method gets mature enough to be able to permanently root the PS4.)

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