15 Xbox One Games With The BEST Xbox Series X Graphics Upgrades

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We won’t get a good sense of what the hardware of the Xbox Series X is truly capable of until proper new-gen exclusive releases start rolling around in numbers, but even with a large number of cross-gen titles, remasters, and next-gen patches for older games, the new Xbox consoles have given us an exciting sneak peak at what they have in store for us.

Here, we’ll be taking a look at some games that are playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X but manage to showcase some impressive improvements on the latter.


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  1. Anything past 60fps is a waste only advantage is when playing online and competitive shooters , multiplayer games u can't tell the difference in single player games

  2. I love horizon 5…
    But really… often are you gonna drive a Lamborghini through a bunch of mud and dirt ?

  3. It’s so hard to go back after you game on a Series X. Just too many advantages with VRR and quick resume and almost no loading, not to mention all the old games having the FPS boost and rez upgrades.

  4. if we are talking about graphics upgrades where is assassins creed odyssey and watch dogs legion? they look much more impressive than few of these games on the series x.

  5. The Ascent is the type of game I would've passed on before, but on my series X it is simply beautiful in addition to being fun to play.

  6. I didn’t see mention of more impressive tittles like fallen order, metro exodus and flight simulator, what is borderlands and dirt 5 doing here is beyond me

  7. I'd love a Series X but MS doesn't deem us Australians worthy of restocks, only ever sending us the inferior Series S.

  8. Bring back the old Gaming bolt intro. More videos in 4k and how about a video with "15 games that need a Series X|S upgrade" Arkham series especially Knight, Ryse Son of Rome, Tomb Raider Definitive edition, Sleeping Dogs Definitive edition, Tekken 7, AC IV – AC Syndicate, Watch Dogs 1 & 2, Sunset Overdrive, Dragon Age Inquisition, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Battlefield 4
    Those are my choices

  9. I don’t know who this dude gave a handy to, but it must’ve been someone with some serious pull.. there’s no other way to explain how he narrates 90% of the videos and is the worst out of all the Gamingbolt “staff.”

  10. Hui! Have a new video on my channel, with gameplay from 'Hunt Showdown', its a nice shooter with a beautiful atmosphere 😀
    Have a look to take some impressions, its still fun! 🙂

  11. You can all cry in a warm bed, but the One X still holds up pretty well and looks as good as the Series X ( graphics only ).

  12. MY Xbox series S automatically shuts down itself while playing forza horizon 5 in performance mode! Can anyone HELP me! ?

  13. Here we are yet again… GamingBolt uploads a video specifically showcasing the BEST graphics updates…. via a video uploaded in 1080p 30fps. Such a half assed video ?

  14. I have gears 5. Just need to play it.
    Currently laying battlefield 2042 (I know hugely disappointing, aliens fire stream and watch dogs legion. Which is very interesting. In fact watchdogs is absolutely amazing especially on my series X.

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