2022 New Games – தமிழ் (PC, PlayStation, XBOX & Switch)

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2021 didn’t improve anything much, in this video, I’ve Listed the upcoming New Games to release in 2022 for PlayStation, PC, XBOX and Switch in Tamil.

We are expecting a new year with tons of AAA Games across the platforms,
Console publishers XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo are coming with their best AAA releases for their new consoles.

0:00 Intro
0:34 Elden ring
2:22 God of war PC
3:54 TV Series from PlayStation
5:40 Pokemon
6:02 Most awaited 2
7:42 Strange game
8:15 Biggest release
9:24 Racing games
10:23 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
10:48 Game movie
11:51 Survival 2 games
13:14 Harry potter game
14:22 Saints row
15:00 XBOX TV Series
15:23 Cyberpunk 2.0
16:13 Avatar game
16:53 Kratos returns
17:39 Hellblade 2
18:23 Space game
19:29 DC Game

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  1. waiting for part 2 bro ithu varaikuma oru periya video fullaa pathathae ila bro itha first part waiting bro???????

  2. Sifu ku tha marana waiting ? after playing absolver. Best fighting game I ever played. Hit like if u guys played Absolver.

  3. Hi Mr snite
    I am in andhrapradesh,tirupati
    I like your videos in tamil
    We don't have gaming channel like you
    I am requesting to you create a channel like mr snite telugu
    I'll give voice in telugu
    Then I'll send video to you
    Upload it in your mr snite telugu channel

  4. 1.6:07 – Dying Light 2 + Cyberpunk 2077 rende oda trilarsum 2018 e3 la than kamichanga but , cyberpunk2077-ah avasara pattu release panitanga, they should waited patched atleast untill 2022

    2. Me waiting for — Horizon forbidden west , GOW 2018 PC , Uncharted 4 PC , A plague tale Two , Sifu , Cyberpunk 2077 V1.5, The Witcher 3 nextgen patch with Netflix DLC , hellblade 2 , Dying Light 2 , Starfield ( leaks says that starfield city is Cyberpunk Themed )

  5. Guys don't miss to claim Tomb rider if we're lucky enough we may get Tomb rider Trilogy if possible in Epic games today @9.30pm . Advance happy new year 22 ??

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