20th anniversary xbox controller has it!

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Quick unboxing of the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Xbox Controller. Microsoft’s hidden message is on the back of 20th …


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  1. The only Xbox I've ever owned was the first one, and I'm more a PlayStation guy. But I love this channel regardless

  2. I got this controller and I got to say Im in love it! It's such good quality, the grips are great, and it runs smoothly, sometimes I keep the lights on in my basement while I'm playing just to look inside to see the inner workings.

  3. I found something on xbox, if you go to a 360 game and change your public gamer pic you can change your xbox one gamer pic to your 360! idk if this was a thing it’s just something i discovered

  4. it also has that message on the inside of the battery cover! That’s one of my most favourite parts about this controller if anything!

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