50 रूपये में मिलेगी सब Games – PS4 New Jailbreak 9.00 | Gaming Vlog Chandni Chowk | #NamokarVlog

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  1. Mr gujrat se hu muje ps4pro chahiye new jesa aur creck kiya hua sath me 2tb hard disk aur games meri pasand ki hui thodi hongi to sab milake price kitni hongi

  2. This is not right.. Developers spend a lots of money to make a Game…If you can't afford a game ,atleast don't steal.

  3. Bhai upload karne se pahle ek bar check kyon nahin karte Kitna sound problem hai video mein koi bhi bat thik se samajh mein nahin a Rahi

  4. I love how his voice is deep , but his personality is a whole different level , from sounding mean and rude , to actually being sweet and nice❤️?❤️?

  5. The way you talk to him sounds rude .. please improve your tone and have some respect for the one you talking to

  6. Jailbreak and privacy kills the industry. If you can’t afford gaming then don’t it’s not for everyone . Hate clowns who promote such crap

  7. Shame on you Rahul. If one can’t afford a hobby, that doesn’t mean they can steal. Disgusting promotion of a practice which is exactly why India remains 0 priority for gaming. Unsubscribing.

  8. Sir mere pass shared accounts hai islea mai internet sai connect nahi kr sakta kyunki for usmei lock lagg jaega tou kya bina internet sai connect kiyei jailbreak ho jaega version 9.00

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