8 NEW PS4/PS5 Games OUT THIS WEEK – New Survival Horror Game, New RPG Game + More New Games 2021!

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00:00 – NEW PS4/PS5 Games OUT THIS WEEK

00:32 – Aeterna Noctis (New Action Platforming Adventure Game)

01:28 – Black Bird (New Dark-Fantasy Shooting Game)

02:30 – Moon: RPG Adventure (New Role-Playing Adventure Game)

03:12 – Asteroids Recharged (New Space Shooter Game Reimagined)

04:24 – Among Us (New Multiplayer Social Deduction Game)

05:03 – Greak: Memories of Azure (New Side Scrolling Single-Player Game)

05:57 – Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC

07:32 – Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead PS5 (New Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Puzzle Game)

08:15 – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach (New Survival Horror Game)

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  1. This $70 game thing is the reason I have no desire to get a ps5. The price increase isn't matching a quality increase. The few 5 games there are don't look much better than some 4 games

  2. I feel like an idiot cause i preordered riders republic. Then what a month later its 25 bucks?!?!?! The fuck is that.

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