Battlefield 2042 Loses Over 90% of its Player Base!

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In this video we are taking a look at Steamcharts and talking about how Battlefield 2042 has lost over 90% of its player base since the game launched. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lack of content, the leaks about season 1 not starting until March or because of the plethora of bugs in the game that should have been removed before the game released. Let me know your thoughts in the comments 😀

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  1. New content on march is not gona revive this BF. Before end of february its gona be dead. Already have lobbys on PS5 where 80-90% are bots players.

  2. I haven't purchased a EA game in over 15 years. I like to think educated people make better decisions.

  3. 2042 Isn't starting until march because World war III is dropping then and they are scared.
    I left battlefield too it's the only BF title I've left in the 20 years I've played it….

  4. So something I haven't really seen people talking about from the console side is how wonky the shooting feels in this game. I've always been decent at battlefield games and for some reason the aiming in this game feels really weird.. game is the biggest problem for me next to content or lack thereof. Something about the controls just don't feel right

  5. I noticed how bad this was last night when playing Rush . There was just 14 of us in a game . What a shame this game was not what they made it look like.?

  6. EA is trash & dice is allowing an Iconic franchise to be destroyed all for $$$. I am a long time BF fan boy but after 2042 I am back to destiny 2 & happily spending my $$$ there EA! Fix the game & I may come back!

  7. I really injoy the game (yes I know herasey) but it’s so poorly optimized I only 45 fps on a rtx 1060 which is fucking stupid

  8. Lol BF is dead. Been playing Enlisted a LOT and they update it every 3-4 days. I started 2-3 months ago and the updates have made the game feel so good. R.I.P BF but times up on this IP

  9. Wow put Mobil stuff in the game and o waste time. Because it's probably all randomized like halo or I call it lamo impatient now with the randomized crap for the multiplayer. Got to love digital casino games and company's ??????????.

  10. After I get killed with a helicopters a few times I get off. Vehicles are super over powered and made me uninstall this dumpster fire ?

  11. I personally have decided to boycott bf2042 ..completely… console bf1 has no players in servers so i am playing bfV unless bf1 console servers pickup.. I think we (the faithful bf community) should just stop giving bf2042 any attention, unless of course you honestly like 2042, then yes play it and enjoy it. But honestly EA/DICE don't even deserve our complaints at this point.

  12. It's done they have destroyed the true battlefield feel. I have not played this game for weeks now I thought it was going to be like 3 or 4. Battlefield 5 had amazing graphics amazing ray tracing made the game look beautiful. Battlefield 4 had so many customisations brilliant maps and vehicles and with 3,4 and 5 had intense firefights and brilliant team work but 2042 has been ripped away from this and taken into an unesesary direction with specialists that have no meaning to battlefield at all they suck so glitches and bugs are not really my issue. Yeah they are a part of it but my reason for moving away from this game is the fact that battlefield 2042 is not a battlefield game and it's failed their is only one thing that can bring all the lost players back and that's removing the specialists and bringing back everything that was removed. Have 64 player servers better maps more destruction and levolution more waepons and customisations. Bring back the classic classes. And ffs use the ray tracing that was used for 5. What is this crap in 2042 it sucks

  13. nothing will kill a game more than cheaters.. and companies are not spending enough resources on combating it..

  14. Game looks trash, why do they change stuff the BF players don't want changed.. BF4 is still great and its all I play atm. The game has gone soft asf!!!

  15. Console players are the vast majority of the playerbase, and Steam isn't even the main platform for EA titles on PC, Origin is.
    I say this as someone who stopped playing personally.

  16. I still love the game, even with all of this, the game is still better than any call of duty games

  17. No classes kills feel of Battlefield. It's got so many problems but BF was teamwork, playing as a squad, being a medic orsupply/repair play objectives to be part of win (yet Dice thinks it incentivises less exp or less skilled players with Specialists? Ludicrous).
    The incentive to team up and be in an epic clan was core to game.
    Specialists and the hero/Overwatch/Apex meta pick looks bad, lone wolves everywhere…classes hold it together 2042 is a franchise killer.

  18. Agreed. I am a console player and disabled crossplay because those with a mouse can be so much more accurate. The aim assist is not working great to this date on console. Trying to control recoil on an lmg and with your thumb is brutal.

  19. I just fired up 2042 for the first time in a week. Since they removed Rush and TDM from portal, I played the 2042 Gunmaster mode and didn’t even make it through one match before shutting off the game! The gunplay felt soooo awful! And an 8second spawn delay in gunmaster?!? How frustrating!!! Even JACKFRAGS planned his gungame mode better and had like a 2sec timer in his!

  20. I truly tried to like this game, but I cant and I dont!!! There are just so many bad decisions, missteps, and omissions that it’s death by 1,000 paper-cuts!!! It’s a complete comedy of errors. Only it’s not funny… it’s sad, frustrating, and infuriating!!!

  21. I hope this game dies as soon as possible… EA, DICE , they all need to learn how to deliver proper games and not scam people with this “clownfield 2042”.

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